5 Reasons For Growing Aggressive Behavior Among Children

In this era of cut-throat competition, it has been observed that students are unable to handle pressure and failure. It literally disturbs me that some students give up their life due to their low performance, some change their direction or aim and opted something else.

DPSG Sushant Lok teacher, Ms. Sweety Tyagi, share 5 reasons on the growing aggressive behavior among the children these days.
  1. Frustration is one of the basic reasons for growing aggressiveness among the kids these days who have problems with communication.
  2. The find it difficult to deal with their anxieties and are unable to express their feelings as others do.
  3. Due to increase in the number of both parents working, it has created a gap in the family. Hence, children are spending alarming time on electronic devices which has further increased in immoral behavior among the kids.
  4. Poor sleeping habits or diet often tires or makes the child grumpy, and that nature grows into an aggression, most of the times, even the kids don’t have a reason why are they so irritated.
  5. Lack of inculcating good manners in the family or in the school classroom. Children copy everything they observe. They will learn how to talk blunt and throw fit about things, only because they have got the leverage to do so.

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How to control the growing aggressive behavior in the first place?

Two things:

  • We need to understand the core problem of the child who shows such behavior.
  • We must avoid physical punishment and adopt a warm, supportive, assertive parenting style.

The curriculum must be based on the needs of the child that must develop him physically and mentally.

A Sound Body = A Sound Mind.

Our education system must not only be inventive but it also must be based upon discovery. The potential is not to create, that is there within the child. The potential is to be discovered and developed. The character must be so strong so that the hurdles of modernity may not disturb him. His vision must be opened and clear. Basic values must be inculcated among the children. This will connect the child to the family and society.

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*This article is contributed by Ms. Sweety Tyagi, PGT Mathematics. She teaches classes XI and XII and she loves to read in her free time.