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About CCUP

We at DPSG, believe in providing continuous career Counseling and college guidance to the students to reach their dream colleges which will then enable them to realize and achieve their life goals. As a part of this endeavour, the DPSG Society has introduced Career Counseling and University Placement (CCUP) cell, actively functioning in all DPSG schools.

CCUP department is for open communication, and one-to-one Counseling for career choices, for all students. The department handles all queries about higher education to ease college applications and admissions process in India and Abroad.

With a designated professional counselor for career guidance, CCUP provides a safe, non-judgmental space for the students to come in with questions and doubts about the “what to study, how to study and where to study” aspects college application process.

Key Guidance

Understanding the importance of college placement and career Counseling, CCUP is determined to follow a 3-step model, applied to students from middle school:

Awareness and Assessment:

We at DPSG believe in Right Intervention at the Right Time. The career guidance journey starts with making students aware of their own abilities and personality through Psychometric Tests. These are scientifically designed tests to assess their learning style, personality, intelligence type, etc. This step helps students to explore various career options and start building their resumes.

Exploring Career Landscape:

Students are encouraged to talk to our expert career counsellors at this time to make sense of the prospective career choices before them, and work towards strengthening their resume and gaining experience in that field. They are aided to find internships, social projects, summer programs and writing research papers. At this phase, in-person Counseling sessions also involves bringing parent-student alignment. Career counsellors often have both in-person as well as group Counseling sessions to navigate the difference between students’ interests and their parents’ expectations.

College Applications:

The cell is aimed to strategically establish relationships with admissions offices of top colleges/universities and enable our students to have access to some of the most prestigious institutions in both India and abroad. Furthermore, the counselors work with the students throughout the college application process right from the selection of college, reviewing personal statements/essays, working on letters of recommendation to accepting offer and pre-departure counselling.

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