Mr. Om Pathak - Chairman, DPSG Society

Mr. Pathak is a post graduate in Economics from Punjab University in Chandigarh. Being a prestigious member of Indian Administrative Services and he has also served in Uttar Pradesh. During his tenure with the IAS, he had spent about 6 years in the Indian Army and been seen in action in Bangladesh as well.

While serving his tenure as an IAS, Mr. Om Pathak had chaired multiple ventures covering Power Distribution, Dairy Production companies, Urban Housing, Rural Developments, Industrial Development, Social Forestry, Anti-poverty Programs, Rural Education, Electronics, Hotels, and Hospitality.

Mr. Pathak is notably passionate about education and has always promoted new ventures and school which have addressed schooling, employment, and maintenance related issues bringing forth a paradigm shift in these core areas.

He is also the founder and mentor of Principal's Forum, which is the web collaboration for all working Principals. Besides many great ventures, he is also the founder and chairman of SelaQui International School, and TeacherSity, a complete school services institution with the focus on improving student learning. Besides, leading the schools and educative institutions he is also the founder and chairman of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society, headquartered at New Delhi.