My Grade X Journey

I started my grade X journey elated at the fact that I have the same teachers as last year, so we had another year of learning and comfort level with them. I never opted for any home tuitions; I was completely dependent on my school teachers who were very reliant, gave us their complete support at all times.

The two sections of grade IX were amalgamated for Grade X, so we got new friends and opportunity to learn collectively from each other. Our teachers inspired us to work meticulously in all the subjects, covering the entire NCERT course curriculum as well as ensuring on-time revisions. We also practiced previous years’ question papers and understanding the examination question paper pattern. This was quite helpful and set a right tone to my examination preparation routine. I am extremely grateful to all my teachers and thank them wholeheartedly for guiding and supporting me through this important phase of my life. My class teacher always motivated me to put my best foot forward and helped me to get rid of my stress.

I would request all my fellow students to focus on classroom notes and taking unit tests seriously. I have learned during my past year that revising the topics on time helps in avoiding the last-minute hassles and ensures that we manage to get enough time for thorough preparation and revision of critical topics. Learning by writing all key formulas and functions in a separate notebook makes the eleventh-hour revision easy.

I am deeply indebted to our honorable Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Kumar, for all theu care, affection, guidance and warmth which she bestowed upon us, which helped us to handle examination anxiety. She ensured that we all are comfortable by arranging snacks just before the first examination. We will really miss those comforting moments in life.

Message to all my friends- “Past is a waste paper, present is a news-paper, and future is a question paper. Read and write properly, otherwise life would become a Tissue paper. 😊


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