The best moments of my life…

Best moments of my life...

The year 2019 -20 was a very beautiful, interesting and memorable one. Although there were many struggles but overcoming them was a great achievement and fulfilling for me. This year has been the best year of my life. I got to know so many new things that I had not learnt earlier. My journey was neither easy nor hard, but yes you can say, that is was very cool. During this year I overcame my stage fear and learning to speak with confidence in front of an audience was a triumph for me! All my teachers were very helpful and supportive. It was a fun-filled year with many moments to look back at and feel nostalgic about, one of them being learning Scuba Diving with my friends. My efforts and hard work brought me the result I wanted and I am satisfied with that. I would even want to say that my friends were very helpful and fun loving-the best friends I ever had.

I will cherish these moments for my lifetime!!

Garv Rawat

Grade XI Science

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