I can, I will

I Can I Will

I am acknowledged, appreciated or criticized … it doesn’t matter because I am KNOWN. To be known gives me a feeling of existence for which I struggled in my previous school. I tried, but my hand half raised would lower down eventually. In my dreams I would plan but my plans could not be executed since I was so ordinary. I failed to believe my parents when they bestowed faith in me and my abilities. For me it was just their blind parental love. My mother wanted to believe herself, that I have something special in me. One morning , suddenly , she saw the advertisement and felt that it was what we needed. So I came to DPSG DEHRADUN, a new school that was yet to find its feet.
In a class of just four students I felt a difference. I was no longer a back- bencher who used to hide to escape teacher’s questions. I no longer needed to try and plan throughout the day, then fail my plans myself. Instead of asking myself can I ? should I ? will I ? I was motivated and encouraged by my teachers to trust myself and say I CAN ,I WILL ! My hand half raised to speak would now not retreat but would go further up, happily, enthusiastically, fearlessly. Me and my abilities which could have been left undiscovered are now well explored.
I may not be the best but DPSG DDN has brought out the best in me.

Thanks for giving me the confidence of saying I CAN, I WILL.

Ayonya Mahajan

Grade 9

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