A pinch of salt

Painting gives expression to my latent thoughts and it is always a happy event for me!

Appreciation from my teachers and peers, gave me confidence to step into a new idea of making a colorful painting. I, in a desire of making it “a happening”, kept on adding colors. But what turned it to a disaster- I had no clue! Instead of elation, I felt let down and melancholy!

 The gloom and dismay soon trickled away as the fragrance of mutter paneer made its way to my nose. But the first bite of it tasted so unpleasant! All my hopes went down the drain! On questioning my mom, she replied, “same pinch”. She explained that some definite amounts of salt and spices are required, excess definitely plays havoc with the taste. The same had happened to my painting.

In this highly competitive world of today, we become overambitious and in order to get ahead of others, make extra efforts in adding too much of everything! This makes our life complicated and unpleasant! We need to live simply and “add” to our life only as much as is needed! This I feel is the secret to happiness- only a pinch of “salt” -not more.

Ayonya Mahajan

Grade 9

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