Role of Media in Democracy

Present age is considered as the age of media as it is the biggest watchdog on public and government actions. Media in our country has been given a lot of freedom and power, but with this freedom and power comes great responsibility.

There are multiple news channels in India and these channels are always competing with each other which is not bad, but for their hunger to increase the TRP on their channel, a lot of fake and incomplete news are put forth. Most of the media channels are owned by certain political parties which in turn helps the promotion of political parties and also covering up on a lot of defaulters in these parties. There is very poor coverage of important issues like the economy of India, the status of women in our society and the environment.

Media is focusing too much on matters that are not so important like the Sushant Singh Rajput case, lifestyle of film stars, news about soap operas and similar petty matters which are of no consequence to anyone whatsoever. Certain media companies also have their own task force that perform tasks like clandestine investigations, which are fine as long as they expose the truth and help in delivery of justice and not misleading or use them as a tool to just increase channel TRP.  When a topic is started by the media the people expect the truth and the correct information but nowadays the media jumps from one “breaking news” to another to sensationalize irrelevant things, causing a lot of confusion by misrepresentation and fabrication of half baked truth.

At last but not the least I would like to say that the media was formed to serve the people and put forth the truth and evidence, and we have to look for possible ways to make media accountable for what it

By Veer Borkakoty  


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