5 Mindful Activities For Students

Mindfulness is about learning to train your attention to the present moment without dwelling on what has happened in the past or worrying about the future. This skill is very beneficial for students where they learn to concentrate on the present situation in hand and perform their best in it. Mindfulness also provides many physical and psychological benefits to students.

Mindfulness is a practice where you use the five senses to engage physically and non-judgmentally with the world around you. When you do a task with mindful awareness, you do it with 100% of your energy and attention.

Mindfulness is the awareness that occurs when one focus on the present and on the purpose of doing things in hand. Mindfulness in classroom will assist in focussing the students’ attention. There are several activities that help one attain or improve their attention in the present moment. Thoughts about the past and future are acknowledged without necessarily being focused on. In this way, one avoids being caught in dwelling on the past or worrying about the future and can instead truly experience life as it happens. Practising mindfulness is incredibly empowering for children. It helps them to:

  • Better manage their stress and anxiety
  • Promote positive emotions and self-compassion
  • Practice self-regulation
  • Overcome negative self-talk

Let’s see some mindful activities that are very helpful for children.

  • Move, Stretch And Notice Body Sensations: Teach children to observe and appreciate all that our bodies are capable of and do for us. Take a moment with them to show gratitude towards the various movements and accomplishments of our body.
  • Encourage Them To Appreciate Nature: Try to develop and bring a sense of curiosity and adventure in students and let them lead their way into nature and surroundings. They will observe and learn lots of things from nature and will appreciate the beauty of what is there in front of them. Being close to nature will also calm their nerves.
  • Let Them Be: As parents and teachers, we have a constant habit of teaching one thing or the other to the kids. But it’s also important to give them some space and time with themselves. Let them explore things at their own pace. Create space in the schedule for free time to investigate and be mindful naturally.
  • Breath Awareness Activities: Explicitly teaching mindful breathing is providing students with the skill that will be with them for life in every situation they will ever encounter. These activities help in relaxing the muscles that help the child to overcome anxiety when they make mistakes.
  • Heartbeat Exercises: The child should be encouraged for physical activities and play. Ask them to either jump up and down or do jumping jacks in one minute. At the end of the exercise, ask them to put their hand over their heart and listen to the increased heartbeat and the feel of their breathing.

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