The first day of MUN was quite fun. It was a fruitful day with lots and lots of debates, discussions and fights amongst delegates. Well, the session started off with a moderated caucus. The delegate of China raised the motion on the topic,” Significance of a nuclear free zone in this world”. So, everyone followed up their discussion. As it was the first-round delegates did not ask questions. In this round, the delegate of Germany was the only one who did not speak as he had internet glitches.

The second topic for moderated caucus was “Nuclear terrorism”. Now this had a little spirited discussion. The delegate of Egypt had commented that “most of the countries do support the terrorist activities that happen in the world”. China raised objection as he asked Egypt to give him the proof of countries who support terrorism. So, we could see questions coming up though it was only one delegate questioning most of the times (China) but as the saying goes ‘Something is better than nothing.’

Now after coming back from 15 minutes of break Executive Board members decided to give the delegates an Unmoderated caucus. This was when the delegate of China (as he was an experienced MUNNER) asked the other delegates  to research for the next topic of moderated caucus which was going to be “Accidental use of nuclear weapons”. All the delegates got 15 minutes to research for it.

The research was quite informative for the delegates as they started speaking more now. I got to learn something new that was the nuclear weapon blowing tornados’ wind. The delegate of Germany gave this information.

After the moderated caucus was done our Chair and Vice Chairperson brought crisis in the session on the topic that “China is facing friction with Egypt regarding the disarmament of weapons but China itself has been doing the experiments with weapons without UN’s permission”. This topic changed the situation of the session into excitement with heated exchanges between the delegates. The delegate of China went out of control. He was shouting on top of his voice as no other delegate was supporting him. The Executive Board members from other committees, that were already adjourned for the break, came to witness the spirited debate. Then we had last session wherein everyone gave their conclusion speeches, and the session was over.

In all the day in the UN General Assembly brought a lot of excitement as well as learning for everyone.

Written by: Kanan Tomar [grade 11 Humanities]

Caricatures by: Drishty Tandon [Grade 12 Science]

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