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Form Days

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED August 30, 2022, UPDATED January 13, 2023

Since the inception of DPSG DEHRADUN an interesting feature of the junior wing is the Form Day. Learning in a joyful manner leaves an everlasting impact on a child’s personality. Young children love a blend of music, movement, rhythm and dance. So, we integrate different subjects through a musical performance on Form Days.

Parents get a holistic view of their child’s development along with the child’s peer group. Further, it allows children to be more expressive and helps in social interaction. Performing in front of their parents also motivates the young learners to put their best foot forward.

Grade 3 took up the theme ‘Think Green and Live Green’. The children enacted a play where science and symmetry were integrated with languages to demonstrate their acquired learning on this topic. The celebration of Harela was an added attraction wherein the children presented the growth of saplings planted by them. A parent activity, an integral part of the form day is organised to give them an insight into the integrated approach to learning.

Aruna Kapoor
Form Tutor Grade 3


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