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Give An Enriching Growth To Your Kid Through Our Exotic Art and Culture Education

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED November 30, 2023, UPDATED November 30, 2023

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad (DPSG) emerges as an institute with educational excellence for a society committed to developing well-rounded individuals with excellent academic performance and other essential abilities. With 7 branches across northern India, the school acknowledges that a complete developmental procedure should encompass introducing children to diverse forms of art and cultures for them to become holistic individuals. This blog explores the different programs offered by DPSG that promote cultural appreciation, such as visual arts, music, dance, and theatre, showing them the path toward a culture-rich life.

Importance of Art and Culture Education

Enlightening children with lessons on art and culture is imperative towards their upbringing. Skill-based art and cultural education not only encourage the development of creative thinking among students but also enhance emotional and critical reasoning. Here are some compelling reasons why art and culture education is essential:

Fosters Creativity

Art helps students enhance their imagination through creative thinking and express themselves uniquely. Furthermore, it fosters imagination, and this is an invaluable skill which is very useful in various domains of life.

Enhances Critical Thinking

Through art, children learn to analyse, interpret, and make decisions. Art assists children with the ability to solve problems, which is essential for their success in various aspects of life.

Emotional Intelligence

Art enables children to express their emotions, comprehend other people’s feelings, and cultivate empathy. Personal development is also a vital aspect of this emotional intelligence.

Cultural Awareness

Art allows the exposure of children to different cultures and diverse traditions and perspectives. This allows them to appreciate the diverse tapestry of human culture.

Communication Skills

Communication in the art world is not just about words; it teaches students how to communicate through visual, auditory, and performative mediums.


Art often contains elements of trial and error. Art and culture education inculcate in children resilience as the most vital life skill.

Visual Arts at DPSG 

DPSG acknowledges the importance of visual arts in a child’s education. Painting, sculpture, and photography offer crucial skills and enable the development of artistic potential among children.


Young children learn hand-eye coordination and decision-making skills through painting. These assist children in comprehending shapes, patterns, and designs, making it a significant part of their preschool curriculum. Additionally, problem-solving is facilitated by painting by improving literacy, developing fine and gross motor skills, as well as enhancing imagination.


Sculpture is also one of the visual arts which helps students to understand two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. This exposure to sculpture helps them appreciate the three-dimensional beauty of nature and understand design quality and form-function relationships. This experience helps the students develop a healthy sense of self-esteem as well as analytical skills as they produce quality works in sculpture.


The practical approach to photography adopted by DPSG involves students working with different methods and types of photographic techniques like cameras, subject matters, thematic elements, etc. Through field visits, e-learning, industry-driven projects, and digital inputs, they extend their knowledge about the arts. By practising photography, students can communicate and document all sorts of emotions creatively that add to their artistic thinking.

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Performing Arts at DPSG

There are performing arts like music, dance, and theatre through which the students can find a creative avenue for their expression, cooperation, and learning new skills.


Music is an integral part of life at DPSG. It is more than just a subject; it has the potential to enhance the experiences of students. A variety of genres, from vocal music to instrumental are taught to students cultivating their individual talents in music. The musical journey at DPSG includes choral singing, playing instrumental music, joining school bands, performing at events, and live performances.


Dance is more than just a means of creative expression. It entails connecting one’s mind and body. Dance assists children in developing physical fitness, coordination, and concentration. Furthermore, it enhances teamwork and independence among children.. Training is provided by DPSG in classical, folk, and western dances such as contemporary dancing, hip-hop, and jazz dance.


Theatre at DPSG is a great means to learn acting, expression, and more. It helps boost one’s cognitive development and instils other important life skills like teamwork, creativity, communication, and resilience, which are crucial at the school level and even beyond. Theatre involves students participating in role-plays, street plays, mimes, and various theatrical activities. Through theatre, the students can construct self-confidence, learn how to use their voices effectively as well and develop emotional intelligence that ultimately positively impacts their academic performances.

Cultural Awareness at DPSG

DPSG appreciates the significance of cultural awareness in today’s globalised world. Our school not only offers insightful knowledge about diverse cultures, but it also teaches students to appreciate different cultural tapestries such as music genres, dance styles, theatre traditions, and more.

Indian Classical and Folk Dances 

In essence, DPSG students acquire knowledge of the history of Indian dance styles, which include classical dances such as Bharatnatyam, Mohinyattam, Katakh, and Odissi, as well as diverse folk dances like Chari, Kashmiri, Raas and more. These dances are not about movements; they tell stories and convey the essence of Indian culture.

Western Dance Forms 

DPSG students do not only engage in Indian classical dance forms, but they are also exposed to various Western dances like contemporary, freestyle, hip-hop, and modern dance. Such exposure broadens their cultural experience and encourages them to appreciate the beauty and value of Western music and art.

Theatrical Traditions 

Our school introduces students to various theatrical traditions, allowing them to explore the rich history of theatre worldwide. It involves their learning about the art of storytelling through performances from traditional Indian forms to contemporary plays and musicals.

DPSG Advantage: Holistic Development 

DPSG’s commitment towards art education extends beyond classrooms. The school continuously encourages various extracurricular activities, clubs as well as art shows where children can dive into the world of art. Students’ cultural awareness and creativity are also enhanced due to initiatives such as Spic Macay art forms, Nukkad Nataks and numerous dance, theatre and music clubs.

Through its comprehensive approach to art and culture education, DPSG aims to:

  • Encourage creativity and critical thinking among students.
  • Encourage cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Instil excellent communication skills with good cooperative traits.
  • Foster emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Produce competent individuals prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

Wrapping Up

DPSG strongly believes that learning is not just about books and classrooms. Art and cultural education is crucial as it’s focused on cultivating the entire spectrum of human potential. DPSG Dehradun strives to ensure that its students are prepared for a creative, empathetic, culturally intelligent future by providing them with an avenue through which they can exhibit the artistic skills within them as well as experience different cultures across the globe. More than just academic training, it empowers children with an open mindset, cultural awareness, and creative expression and prepares them to be well-rounded citizens of the country.

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