Impact of Advertisements on Children

The advertisement industry imparts a tremendous impact on children. As citizens of the trendy world, commercials are a significant component of the daily lives of children such that they have got accustomed to being bombarded with numerous advertisements over the course of their day.

Advertisements have become so common for them that they often do not even realize that they are hearing or viewing them. So, they bear a pervasive influence on the youth. In the ever-expanding world of consumerism and advertising, companies are constantly searching for new ways to sell their products to the kids by making their commercials and campaigns more memorable, to leave an impact on their minds. The younger generation has become their prime target because they need more spending power than ever before and increased avenues at their disposal. Therefore, companies spend enormous amounts of cash to rope in popular film stars, cricketers, musicians etc. to endorse their products. This helps to make sure popularity and early brand loyalty.

In the last decade many super-brands have looked towards new and outrageous ways to capture young audiences through appealing campaigns as these youngsters are cognitively and psychologically quite defenceless against advertisements. Clearly, advertisements represent ‘big business’ and produces a significant effect on children who ought to be educated about the consequences of advertising, that is, media literacy. This will turn out to be helpful in mitigating the harmful effects of advertising on youngsters.

Jiya Rana

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