At DPSG Dehradun, yet again the young and enthusiastic minds got an opportunity to widen the horizon of knowledge. The participants of the inter-house online MUN went beyond books to develop self-confidence, intellectual abilities , speaking skills and critical thinking.

The “INTER-HOUSE MUN 2021” held virtually, proved to be a safe learning environment for all emerging energetic minds. On the first day, we started off with the opening ceremony in which the secretory general Ms. Anchal Chauhan, an alumni of the school and Mrs. Ruby Kumar encouraged and energized the delegates.

The UNGA (United nations general assembly) Committee started off bold with motions like “Significance of a nuclear free zone in this world”, “Nuclear terrorism”, “Accidental use of nuclear weapon”.  Heated discussions flared up in the committee on the motion that “China is facing friction with Egypt regarding the disarmament of weapons but China itself has been doing the experiments with weapons without UN’s permission”. This topic changed the air in the committee with allegations, statements, words being thrown all across.

As for UNHCR (Unites nations high commission on refugees) committee. Delegates spoke about passive approach towards allowing refugees to enter their countries. Delegates of Hungary and Cuba participated very actively . The committee moved forward with motions like

“Problems that are faced by refugees in settlement”. The delegates spoke and discussed about the solution of the problems. There was a heated debate between delegate of Cuba and delegate of Japan.

As for WHO (World health organization) , the committee began with a bit of disappointment with only two out of five delegates responding. After some moments of struggle the committee finally began discussing on the motion “Pandemic response is biased with regards to those affected by it”, “present bias”, “Omission bias”. Delegates were given time to research, due to lack of sufficient preparation. At last, the chair asked few questions from the delegate of USA which the delegate answered via chit.

Last but not the least, UNCSW (United nation on the status of women) started off by discussing about the status of women , their citizenship , the unsafe environment and steady rise in sexual assault cases. We witnessed the delegate of Sri Lanka promising a safe environment while the delegate of Sweden talked about promoting gender value. Challenge took place between delegate of Yemen and Pakistan vs delegates of Sri Lanka and Sweden.

With all the hustle-bustle and excitement the day came to a fruitful end.


Head reporter

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