Things To Teach Your Child Before The Age Of 12

Your child is now moving towards the period of adolescence. Once she reaches the valuable age of 12, there are some life lessons that every parent should teach the little one. The main goal is to prepare them for the hardcore life ahead and gain better control of their lives. The best primary school in Dehradun, like DPSG Dehradun, will always start life lessons learning from a tender age. So, not just parents, but it is also the responsibility of good teachers to keep their kids informed about life skills when the time feels right.

Teach kids to make decisions on their own:

Helping kids to make good decisions is always a promising life skill. It should start from a very tender age of 12. Here, parents and even thoughtful teachers from DPSG Dehradun will start with basic decision-making like the color of socks, best ice cream flavors, and so on.

  • When kids reach the age of 12 years, they begin to learn about the rewards of making a good decision.
  • They should also learn the consequences of the bad decisions as well.

Make sure to walk them through various steps involved with decision-making. Give them the opportunity to weigh their options, evaluate the pros and cons of a taken decision and then make the final choice.

Proper hygiene and health:

Even before your child reaches the vital age group of 12, you have to make sure to let them know the value of health and hygiene. Kids are never too young to start learning about hygiene and how it is interrelated to health.

  • Taking a bath, brushing teeth daily and washing hands are some of the common measures that parents teach their children from a tender age. But that’s not all.
  • Instead of forcing your child to follow the rules, let them know the reasons behind it. Why do they have to take a bath or brush their teeth twice?
  • When children start to learn about life skills, you should set up a chart to help them check off every task once they complete it.
  • When the healthy habits have already started, you can take away the chart, and the kid will remember the steps to take.

You can even enroll your kids in the best Dehradun schools like DPSG Dehradun, where teachers will guide them about health and hygiene and its importance. So, it will boost up your child’s skills as well.

The value of time:

The faster your kid can learn about time management, the better. Keeping family always on track is a vital point to consider for every parent. But at the same time, kids should learn about it too.

  • Not only time management helps your kids to stay on task, but it will also help them to understand the daily schedule more easily.
  • They will learn the major life skill to help become masters of the time.
  • So, in the future, when the need arises, they can get ready on time and schedule the daily works accordingly.

Proper time management is a skill that should come from within. But being a responsible parent, you can help instill this idea in your child’s mind from a very young age.

Preparing for their meal:

With proper guidance, even the youngest kid in the family can start preparing a meal. Yes, it is not a 5-course meal you are talking about, but you can teach your pre-schoolers to fix a sandwich on their own or get a glass of juice from the bottle.

Before your little one reaches the age of 12, teach them how to use a microwave. It is true that you have to stand with them when they are using any electronic device. But once they get used to it, your parental guidance is not always required.

Enroll your kids in DPSG Dehradun now!

There are some life lessons that only a proper teacher can teach her students. Enroll your kids in DPSG Dehradun, and the well-trained teaching staff will let your kids learn some important life lessons while at school. This school was founded in 1980 and has currently emerged to be one of the top-performing schools in India. This school is going to be the best cultural fit for your child.

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