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Instilling better knowledge and self-esteem in a child from a tender age is what makes him a great human being later. Sometimes, it gets easier to notice when the kids seem to feel good about their deeds, and then in other times, it doesn’t feel right. Kids with proper self-esteem will feel accepted and liked, confident, proud of what they do, think good things, and also start to believe in themselves.

On the other hand, kids with lower self-esteem will be self-critical and hard on them as well. They feel like they are not quite as good as others and think of times when they might fail rather than succeed. If you don’t want them to lack confidence or doubt that they can do things right, it is best to teach them to get their self-esteem back.

That’s when the teachers from the best CBSE schools in Dehradun come in handy. It is one way to help students get their lives back on track and create a successful career path later.

Reasons why self-esteem matters:

Kids who are feeling good about themselves will have the confidence to try out some new things. They are always trying to be at their best. They always feel proud of what they can actually do.

  • Self-esteem helps kids to cope with their mistakes and learn from them. This same feeling keeps on going and attracts them to try something new. So, it helps kids to do better at school, with friends, and even at home.
  • On the other hand, kids with lower self-esteem will feel pretty unsure of themselves. If they think that others won’t accept it, they might not even join in.

So, teachers are working together with parents to find the best tips to help raise the self-esteem level of the child. For that, the teaching faculty from DPSG Dehradun has some points to share. So, let’s get straight to the points now.

Help the little one to learn to do things on their own:

Kids are always willing to learn something new at any age group. Even during babyhood, learning to hold a cup or taking first steps to spark that proper sense of delight and mastery. So, when the kids grow, they learn things like to dress, ride a bike, and more for growing their self-esteem. Give them tasks that they can handle, and that helps in boosting their self-confidence level.

Over-praising will cause more harm than good:

Self-esteem will always come from a place of security and love and also from developing competence. Even though parents shower their kids with love and security, competence will surely take some time and effort. But, no matter how much you want, you cannot praise your kids for competence.

  • On the other hand, over-praising, according to DPSG Dehradun teachers, will do more harm than good. It means you are lowering the bar for them.
  • If you are saying to your kid that she is doing a fabulous job, it means you are not giving them a chance to push harder.
  • Confidence will only come from doing and practising, and not just by stopping at a pit stop!

Constant complimenting will always erode self-esteem. Either kid will try to be perfect always or know that they are already. None of these is good for their self-esteem development. So, cut down on over-praising just a little bit.

Always try to be a good role model:

That’s exactly what the teachers at DPSG Dehradun are trying to do and also asking the parents to do the same. When you are putting effort into daily tasks, you are setting out a good example for your kid.

  • Here, the child learns to put in some more effort into finishing off homework, cleaning up the toys, and even making the bed.
  • It is true to channel that right attitude in their minds. Whenever you are performing any task cheerfully, you are teaching your children to do the same.
  • If you avoid rushing chores just to complete them and actually take pride in doing the job all right, your child will learn that same from you.

The child should take healthy risks:

When your child is all grown up to take healthy risks, the first thing for you to do is step back. For building that confidence in the world, kids need to take chances. They should know how to make choices and take up responsibilities for their work. Most parents try to rescue their kids from failure, and that’s the last thing you would do!

Get along with the experts to learn the tips more:

If you are a new parent and don’t know how to grow self-esteem in your child, it is time to take some help from the experts from DPSG Dehradun. These teachers have been on this for years and can provide you with some positive tips to follow. They are more than happy to help!

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