Choosing and pursuing the right career path is one of the key decisions every student needs to make. Adopting a scientific approach, which is well researched and thought through is critical for making this decision. The pace at which careers are evolving and traditional career paths are losing the edge, it is essential that students increase their awareness and take decisions, which are future proof! 

The school is initiating a career guidance program with Mindler ( which has developed the World’s Most Advanced Career Guidance Platform. Mindler helps students discover their unique potential, which helps them make an apt career choice through assessment & activities! The comprehensive career guidance eco-system is aimed at empowering students to make well-informed career decisions. 

What makes this platform unique is the blend of machine learning with strategic human interventions, aiding students to choose the best-suited career path. 

About Mindler ( 

Mindler is a venture run by alumni from Harvard, ISB, IIT and world’s leading psychometrician and enables students discover their unique potential to take well- informed career decisions. A technology enabled eco-system for career planning, Mindler leverages technology, research, machine learning and algorithms to minimize the human bias in career decision-making process. Awarded and recognized by Ministry of Science & Technology - Govt. of India, National Career Development Association (USA), Asia Pacific Career Development Association, Economic Times, ISB Hyderabad and CIIE at IIM-Ahmedabad, 

Mindler is currently working with some of the leading schools/ institutes across the country. Mindler will be extending the following range of career guidance services to our students in the school: 

Key Deliverables for Students & School: 

1. Introduction & Program On-boarding workshop 

• Introductory workshop on Career Assessment and art of scientific career decision-making. 

2. Career Assessment & Mapping Platform 

• 5-Dimensional Assessment: Evaluation on 56 holistic dimensions 

• Comprehensive Career Report: 30+ pages of student analysis 

• One Page Summary Reports for Students 

• Best-Fit Career & Stream Recommendations 

• Detailed Development Plans: Clear cut action plans for evaluated dimensions 

3. Career Orientation Workshops 

• Live in-school group career workshops with special focus as per the class:

  •  Class 9th  

Group Career Report Interpretation & Analysis 

 Subject Planning Session: Pros & Cons of Dropping Subjects 

Profile Building: Focus towards Personality & Aptitude 

  • Class 10th

Group Career Report Interpretation & Analysis 

Domain Wise Career Awareness: Combinations with each stream 

Understanding the Process behind Overseas Education Application 

  •  Class 11th 

Group Career Report Interpretation & Analysis 

 Stream Combination Wise Career Deep Dive 

Entrance Exam Exploration/ Standardized Tests 

  •  Class 12th 

Group Career Report Interpretation & Analysis 

Presentation Strategy for College Applications including liberal arts 

 College Readiness Workshop (Interviews & Group Discussion Prep) 

 Entrance Exam Tips & Time Management 

4. Automated Career Planning Tool & Trackers (For Grade XI & XII only) 

• Career Domain Wise Course Exploration 

• Course Wise College Exploration & Deep Dive 

• Automated Mapping of Colleges to Entrance Exams 

5. Stakeholder Training & Orientation 

• Teacher Training & Orientation Workshop towards Career Planning 

• Parent Orientation & Career Exposure Workshop 

6. Curated Career Information & Database 

• Career Notifications & Alerts on Applications & College Deadlines 

• Access to Extensive Career Library: Knowledge bank of hundreds of modern career avenues 

• Curated Career Information: Monthly newsletter and blogs to provide curated information on careers 

7. Career Support 

• Extensive Online Support: Support for query and doubt resolution 

• Extensive email support for student queries 

8. School Dashboard & Analysis 

• School dashboard with one-point access for every student’s analysis 

• On demand analytics for school management/Administration 

9. Career Fair 

• Inviting Universities/Colleges representatives to the school premises 

• Understanding of admission procedures & scholarships 

The Mindler program will be applicable for all students of Grade 9-12. The above program shall expose students to a vast variety of career domains and help them choose the best-fit career path basis their innate strengths and abilities. 

The career guidance program is compulsory for each student.