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“A school can only be as good as its’ Faculty.”

Teaching Faculty at DPSG DEHRADUN is selected through a process of intense background check, face to face interactions, classroom demonstrations and mutually agreed upon roles and responsibilities. Our academic staff is the flag bearer of what we stand for and the mission and the vision that we aspire to achieve. The School today is proud to have a staff that is committed and caring and ever willing to go that extra mile.

Through the years, the School Management ensures that the faculty continues to upgrade itself through training and capacity building programmes, specially designed to meet all the learning teaching gaps and to keep abreast with the world of education.

Professional Learning Communities - All teachers are members of the DPSGS Professional Learning Communities The PLC , where they meet online on working Saturdays to discuss classroom strategies and curriculum planning, sharing the best practices from each of our schools and those that are currently being experimented with globally.

Training Overview: Teacher Training addresses all areas of teacher development from soft skills to defined subject specific academic transaction and pedagogies. The Management hires professional trainers to conduct these trainings. However, a well-equipped and knowledgeable Academic Training Team at the Society Office not only facilitates these trainings but also steps in to support the school faculty to keep abreast with thought processes and practices that are current and aligned with the best of curricula across the world.

Exchange Programs: With reputed schools across the world: The School recognizes the fact that it is in sharing and partnering with communities beyond our schools, that the mind awakens to broader thinking. Collaboration with schools across the world is the need of the hour and this is feasible today with access to the advanced technology that the school has.