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Our Vision and Mission


To produce thinking, contributing, creative leaders instilled with competencies needed in a rapidly changing global world, yet rooted in tradition and universal values.


  • To provide a warm, welcoming, joyful and happy environment, which actively develops confidence, self-esteem, creativity and a life- long love for learning along with respect for tradition, religious, cultural and social diversity.
  • To create opportunities for leadership, self- expression, independent thinking and collaborative learning in order to equip our students with real world skills.
  • To maintain a high standard of teaching and promote effective learning, enabling young people to enjoy their education and to develop positive attitudes towards learning.
  • To ensure the highest level of attainment and achievement across the curriculum for our young students
  • To provide effective support systems to meet the needs of all young people
  • To provide high quality leadership at all levels
  • To Partner with parents and the wider community to enrich pupils’ experiences and inculcate mutual respect