Year 2020 is when our Alumni Corner Begins - An Important Milestone in the History of DPSG DEHRADUN

DPSG DEHRADUN’s First batch of 39 students stepped out of the safe protected and cared for environs of the School into the big wide beautiful world inMarch 2020. They are our First Members of the Alumni and will always hold a place of honour in the School’s history.

We wish them good luck as they set out to follow their dreams , their passions and their calling. Their journey will take them far and wide into unknown territories but we know that fearlessly they shall conquer all, with grit and perseverance.

As and when they formalize their college placements and move on in life , we at DPSG DEHRADUN will continue to celebrate the smallest of their achievements and special moments - their first college , their first job, their wedding and their lives thereafter, in this Alumni Corner; for every step they take will not only be an important milestone in their lives but a moment of happiness for their Alma Mater.

We invite them to keep sending us their stories , news and photographs and look forward to the day when this Alumni will be a strong well- knit one .

To our first members of the Alumni we say- You are our children and you will forever remain ours.

May the smiles on your faces and the love for your form mates and your mentors stay with you forever.