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Equipped with ergonomic furniture that can be moved around to create differentiated and collaborative learning spaces, our spacious classrooms are bright and cheery. All our rooms have large windows allowing natural light and nature to be a part of the space. The rooms are all Wi-Fi enabled with interactive white boards and overhead projectors and roomy enough to conduct in-class activities and performances. The classrooms look warm and alive with students’ work displayed on the colourful soft boards. ‘Classroom Essential Agreements ‘displayed in each room are an evidence of the pride each child takes in being a part of their class. Warm in winter and cool in summer, the centralised air conditioning makes learning a very comfortable experience.

Each Classroom has an interactive white board which is Wi Fi enabled which helps take learning teaching to another level of experience. With an uniterrupted internet access , the range of resources available is innumerable and they add to the richness of the classroom delivery.

Visits to  the 3 D Classroom makes the learning of concepts in Science and Mathematics very exciting.

Learning through Visual aids helps understanding and retention of knowledge,.