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Leadership qualities may be inborn, but the school takes great pride in nurturing and honing them through various activities. Off-site Leadership Adventure Camps are one such opportunity that students are exposed to when they camp in the outdoors and experience challenges that are exhilarating yet strengthen the will and the mind. Over Night camps at school are opportunities for our young aspiring leaders to challenge thinking, set personal and school goals together and reflect on their own personal growth and development.

Leadership development training programs have several very important benefits. They increase confidence in students, promote better decision making, make them more independent and self-reliant and help students bond well with each other and their teachers.,

They also encourage an attitude of sportsmanship, foster participation and achievement in recreational activities, increase mental and physical fitness.

DPSG DEHRADUN encourages students to participate in outdoor leadership Training Camps that are designed to challenge ths students both physically and mentally in order to strengthen their inner core and mettle. They are usually taken to terrains that are mountainous and wild. The primary objective of the camp is to provide an educational experience for our young students that will develop skills that will assist them with the challenges they will face in the future. These off site camps empower students to succeed and teach valuable skills of collaboration, critical thinking problem solving along with some basic survival techniques.


The Junior School students, traditionally experience a leadership training in an overnight camp organized in school. Activities like treasure hunt, soccer and several other team games are organized in order to teach them sportsmanship and sharing in a team. The highlight is always the team dinner before which they dance around a bon- fire and play games. An open air children’s motivational film. In the Amphitheatre adds to their excitement a sit allows them to stay awake late with their friends. An early morning bird watching session on the school campus in winter or a swim in summer add to their fun and learning. It is a great experience in self reliance being away for the first time from their parents for the very youngest of our children.


At 8000 feet above the sea level , set in the heart of the Indian Himalayas and surrounded by dense Pine, Deodar, Oak and Rhododendron forests offering 180 degree view of the Himalayas, our students underwent a leadership training to experience first hand what adventure is. Activities like rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, river crossing, Burma bridge etc. added to their thrill and experience.

The cold December nights , dancing around a bon fire built life long camaraderie, self confidence , fearlessness and grit that will always help them in the years to come. The grueling 11 km trek to the Surkunda Devi temple , we are sure built their inner mental strength .


The Middle School students had an exciting overnight leadership camp at Maldevta. The camp exposed the students to skills they would need in order to over come harsh terrains. Besides Rock climbing , ziplining, river crossing and trekking , the students went on a night trek to understand the hazards in the wild and how to ensure safety.

Living in tents, dancing around a bon fire and even routine s like making their own bed, cleaning their tens from inside and sharing spaces, participating in games was a learning experience for the students. Taking turns to lead in different activities that were organized taught initiative and the importance of working in a team.


At DPSG DEHRADUN day trips to natural environs is encouraged in order to build camaraderie, responsibility and survival skills along with an appreciation for nature and its bounty.