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At DPSG DEHRADUN, a curriculum that is happy and enthusing  is in place for performing and visual arts. Seamless integration of the curriculum with the academic subjects ensures that concepts are reinforced in newer and different ways. At DPSG DEHRADUN we believe that performing arts can engage the mind, emotions, and body of the children in ways that allow them to properly flow through real-life situations with empathy, understanding, emotional intelligence, and confidence. Activities  such as art, music, dance and drama bring down the stress levels .Children have expressed feeling calmer, less anxious and a feeling of empowerment when they have revisited their creation of art ,music, dance and drama.

The importance of performing arts in education cannot be overemphasized, 

The Performing Arts curriculum encompassing Indian\ Western dance and Music as well as Theatre has been shaped with a vision of enabling and encouraging our students to engage in the creative, expressive and responsive processes of the arts throughout their lives. It aims at giving the students a strong foundation in the cultural history, knowledge and technical skills of dance/ music/ theatre so that our students sustain a meaningful, lifelong relationship with performing arts – as artists or as enthusiasts.

Also effective are the core 21st century skills,  competencies, behavior and attitudes  that are developed through this happy joyous experience more than in any other curriculum area.


While arts provide students with the space they need to think and grow, they also develop valuable life skills such as the ability to take feedback positively and constructively and engaging in self-reflection – a vital skill for life after school.


Teamwork especially creative collaboration is the essence of performing arts. Students get ample opportunity for it while writing, creating or during the act of performing. Such opportunities are rarely encountered beyond the space of creating and rehearsing.


The creative expression of thoughts and ideas is liberating for students and helps them to understand the real world beyond the four walls of the school, preparing them for the challenges after school life.  The creative thinking and study techniques learned during rehearsal can be transferred to all areas of study and make students natural problem solvers.


As students learn to use verbal and non-verbal techniques in new ways to deliver their message, they develop their communication skills. Some students also find new levels of confidence through performing arts.


 Performing arts teaches children to never give up and keep pushing until they get it right. Performing on stage provides students the opportunity to work out their fear of embarrassment, to give that line even if they think they will make a mistake building resilience which is  essential to any child’s growth and development. 


From the earliest years our students learn to appreciate music in its various forms. Choral singing is a scheduled activity on the timetable and students learn a wide range of songs to sing together on various occasions.

 Music is at the core of all activities at DPSG DEHRADUN. It is an integral part of their scholastic curriculum in the primary where most concepts  and vocabulary, are taught through songs and choral singing  making learning fun for the students.  The school choir is trained to anchor live musical performances by students on the stage. The students also learn to play musical instruments of their choice with guitar and the synthesizer being very popular. The school band is put together by the students who enjoy participating in inter school events.

The school also offers Indian vocal music in the Senior Secondary. Western Music is popular amongst the students who enjoy their guitar, synthesizer and drum lessons and have been participating in inter-school music competitions. The school has been producing its own musical on Founder’s Evenings year after year.


Dance is a more than a means of creative expression. It helps students to focus, relieve stress, develop skills such as sensory and spatial awareness, coordination, mobility and concentration. Students who dance have increased self-confidence and communication skills. Dance is integrated into the scholastic curriculum at Junior school. From Middle School, students learn free style dancing as well as other Indian Classical forms  including Kathak.

At DPSG DEHRADUN students are encouraged to learn both Indian and  Western dance . While in the Primary School it is an essential part of the curriculum where students explore movement to rhythm in different forms, in the Middle School they have the choice to pursue a dance form of their choice.


At DPSG DEHRADUN is integrated in classroom transactions with role play used as an effective pedagogical tool. As the primary years lay the foundations of a child’s growth as a healthy and positive individual, teaching and learning through drama adds value to this process as ‘learning’ happens by ‘doing’. Learners experience drama not as a specific class but as a practice and method used by their different teachers across the timetable. Post Primary School theatre as a club activity finetunes movement, voice modulation and the finer nuances of theatre performance.