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Welcome to DPSG- DEHRADUN! 

When we founded DPSG DEHRADUN in April 2015, we brought to Dehradun, a known educational hub, fresh winds of change. We introduced a curriculum that brought with it global trends in education: an inclusive education that addressed the child and not the aspirations of the parents only; that addressed the creative individuality  in each  student and empowered him to explore and become a confident, contributing global citizen. 

Our Students work in an environment of blended learning where they are stretched and challenged.  Yet, their emotional, social and physical well- being is at the centre of all this focus to ensure that our students step out into the world as secure, self-assured, balanced adults with high self-esteem and self-worth. 

At DPSG DEHRADUN, we believe that each child matters. We respect diversity and differentiate learning to bring out the best in our students. We want our children to be life- long learners: to be caring, responsible, ethical, thinking individuals who have a mind of their own and can stand up with conviction for what they believe in.  

At the heart of this beautiful journey that we call education, are our parents who have partnered with us right through these five growing years. With their support we have only moved upwards and onwards. 

Do visit us to experience for yourself all that DPSG- DEHRADUN has to offer. 

Arundhati Shukla