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The School Behavioural Counsellor plays a pivotal role in helping teachers ensure a supportive educational and relational environment for students with difficulties. They help create an educational relational setting that compensates for family or poor school adjustment.

The Counsellor values and responds to the diversity and individual differences of students and  deals with their problems through personalized  and  individualized interactions and guidance. 

The Counsellor  works with students who need help managing their behavior, keeping up academically, or planning for future adjustments in life. She  works with administrators, teachers, and parents to develop a comfortable, healthy school environment free of bullying or illegal activities.

Our School Counsellor conducts individual and group counseling sessions to advise and assist students with academic and attitude development in  order to address adolescent issues, anger management ,  peer pressure, low self-esteem, substance abuse, internet dependence etc. ensuring that she develops and implements counseling strategies with contemporary methods of mentoring.