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Visual Art has been at the heart of the curriculum at DPSG DEHRADUN ever since its inception. A walk through our corridors is a visual delight as the corridors remind you of an Art Gallery. This importance to visual arts has inculcated a passion for art in our students who have learnt to appreciate it in all forms, are able to distinguish between the workds of famous artists by reading about them and through their art styles and have even learnt a few specific art forms.

 DPSG-DEHRADUN firmly believes that to bring out the complete potential of a child, it is important to allow them to express themselves through different art forms. We create several opportunities to promote visual arts and sculpture and our school walls, corridors and green spaces reflect this love for it.  Not only do students paint and draw in different genres of art but are made aware of the artists and their beliefs and values. The School also sponsors and promotes an Art Competition for Dehradun region which receives enthusiastic participation.

At the heart of the  Visual Arts curriculum at DPSG DEHRADUN are knowledge, skills and attitudes that foster creativity, while respecting individual differences in appreciation and expression. The curriculum is simple and stimulating seeking to empower students to explore their own creative prowess as they experiment with different media and go through a varied range of art, art appreciation and various forms of arts activities. Visual arts refer to Painting, drawing, sketching, photography, crafting, sculptures, textile design, Digital Painting , short films, documentaries too.  Art integration is also seen across the scholastic domain where self-expression is encouraged to understand and reinforce concepts.


Helps children  to represent their thoughts, explore and perform their artistic skills, imagination and memories creatively

Helps in students’ academics as their learning skills improve with the practice of arts and crafts. They are better at adapting skills and so they learn faster than the children who are less active in visual arts.

Improves motor skills of students who do art and crafts on regular basis learn to use art tools and techniques like different types of brush, uses of colours, Photography, videography techniques etc.

Boosts self-confidence as it  is a way of representing one’s feelings and imagination in a form. And when  it is appreciated,  they feel good about their performance and hence are motivated to do better. 

Helps students in analysis, judgement skills as children who make visual arts refer to work of the established artists and make choices.  

Builds Decision and Determination skills as art students learn to analyse, criticize, reason and think logically to decide on different alternatives and make better choices for presenting their work

Builds Focus and  patience  as  making a visual art piece  involves planning and organizing  which helps them stay focused  on their tasks

Develops Collaboration and Coordination skills as students’ team up to create group art presentations 

Art and Craft facilities in the school
The School has a large Art  Studio which is used by students for Art  lessons . 
The Art room is equipped with materials required to pursue the interest during the Club Time and as and when special requirements come up for  projects undertaken by the school

Students experiment in different forms of Art and different genres. They are exposed to Artists and Art Forms and experiment with cubism and worli art etc.
Clay and cement is the medium generally used by the students to sculpt figurines . As Art is integrated across the curriculum students model artefacts that they are learning about in their EVS lessons. The younger students in Pre primary learn their Alphabet and shapes etc. by making clay figures.

 Film making  Is a hobby activity which students take up as an extension of their IT lessons, where they experiment with shooting short videos and edit them using free to download software. The students use these skills to experiment with animation and gimmicks that they use for their presentations

The Students enjoy amateur photography and the School looks forward to setting up a functional photography club where the students can learn the finer nuances of using light and perspective for clicking pictures.