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Courses in the arts are a part of the vocational curriculum. Not only is knowledge of the arts basic to what it means to be an educated person; the way arts courses are taught has a natural synergy with vocational education. Students learn skills that they prepare them to work, if they choose to , in a particular field after school or equip them with real world skills needed in adult life . They can even pursue them as hobbies and interests.

At DPSG DEHRADUN every student Grade 6 onwards can choose at least one of sub streams offered by the school within Visual Arts to study for the whole academic year. The student have a choice to continue or change the option in the next academic year. Wherever required, Teachers in Vocational Arts are picked up from the Industry around the schools.

Currently the students from Grade 6 and above are studying Financial Literacy.

As the School continues to grow the following vocational study course will be introduced:

• Cooking

• Home Science

• Entrepreneurship

• Legal Studies

• Journalism

• Banking & Insurance

• Geo Spatial

• Fashion Studies

• Elementary Architecture

• Town Planning