As our Grade 12 is on the threshold of making their career and choosing a field in which they would be best suited, according to their potential, interests and preferences , it’s very important to show them the right path wherein they can lead a successful life full of contentment. 

So as to get a deeper insight into various off-beat and unconventional career options available, DPSG DDN had invited Mr Vaibhav Sharma, a career guide from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun (UPES) on 4th Feb, 2021 for a guest lecture at our school. Mr. Vaibhav Sharma has been associated with Global University Systems. He serves as a career coach and has guided and groomed many students on various upcoming career options for many years. He has served the industry giants like ‘The Times of India Group and Zee Media Network’.

The focus of the session was on the ‘Emerging Careers’ for all the streams which are unconventional and eccentric. He highlighted on the importance of being different and how to think out of the box to stay in the market and outshine the others. He also reiterated on the fact that ‘Attitude is more important than aptitude’. So the need of the hour according to him is to explore, inquire and be informed. Keeping yourself updated is the key to success.