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DPSG Dehradun in collaboration with Mindler has initiated the Career Guidance Program for 2020. During the orientation session held on 15 September 2020, Career Experts took the students and parents through the overall program and how they can leverage the same.

Ms. Shilpa Singh and Mr. Abhishek Gulati talked about how the program empowers all our students with a comprehensive Career Guidance Platform along with a Curriculum of Career Guidance Webinars delivered by Mindler Career Experts. They emphasized the need to plan for careers of the future, and engaging in fruitful endeavours to amplify their profile for college admissions. 

During the course of the year students will get access to Mindler Career Assessments, Automated Career Planning Tools, Database for Career Exploration and Online Career Planning Webinars.

Webinar Speaker Profile:
Ms. Shilpa Singh (Head Student Engagement, Mindler)
A coach with a flair for humour and storytelling, Shilpa, is an instant hit amongst hundreds of students she passionately delivers career workshops to. Packing over 22 years of incredible work experience in career guidance, life coaching, HR management, and teacher training, Shilpa brings a holistic purview of the entire education and skill building spectrum - from schools to organizations. Her youthful energy and bubbling enthusiasm are highly infectious and makes learning a fun endeavour.

Abhishek Gulati is a Management graduate from University College London, with successful summer credentials at LSE and HEC Paris . He is a dedicated mentor when it comes to guiding students to Ivy League and G5 Institutes. Abhishek is also a Profile Building Expert and trains students for acing the interviews for the world’s best Universities.