We are towards the end of 2020, but the scars due to the Covid pandemic will remain in the hearts of mankind. The world scientifically and technologically has never been better prepared to deal with a pandemic than it is right now. Angel Number 2020 is unique and whether we believe in it or not , we all faced peculiar problems throughout the year when we least expected them. We also saw lockdown ensued migration, farmers unrest and many other most bizarre economic changes in the history of modern capitalism. This year is considered as the most volatile year for oil prices since 1987, eruptive US stock market, and global policy uncertainty. We are indeed responsible for all these natural turmoil, but we are gifted with a fighting mindset to face such calamities bravely and gracefully. Scientists, doctors, health workers, pharmaceuticals around the world have since the onset of the pandemic embarked on a race against time, redirecting their collective focus and energies to fight against oddities. As the waves of the pandemic rise and fall, lessons from the past year disasters will undoubtedly  help us to move forward with a new zeal for life with the onset of the New Year,2021.

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