DPSG: Amongst The Top 5 Schools In Faridabad

Every parent wants the best for their kids, so they always look up for the best schools to enroll their children. If you reside anywhere in Faridabad, then DPSG Faridabad is the best school for the overall development of your little kid. It has been named amongst the top 5 schools all over Faridabad, and the popularity seems to be taking a turn towards better growth.

So, next time you are eyeing for the best senior secondary school in Faridabad, DPSG Faridabad must always be one on the list. Before proceeding further and enlisting your kid over here, let’s get to learn more about the reasons behind their growing importance.

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More about DPSG Faridabad:

With more than 41 years of excellent educational background, DPSG Faridabad has been one leading name in the educational sector now. DPSG has a wide chain of schools under Delhi Public School. The schools are located in different parts of the country, and one such is the Faridabad branch. The school is affiliated with the CBSE and the IBO departments.

DPSG Meerut road was the first society school, which started its journey in 1980. Later, this society has around 8 CBSE and 4 IB schools with steady progress for the past 41 years. Right now, the DPSG Faridabad branch started its journey in 2019-20 under DPS, Ghaziabad society.

The main goal of DPSG Faridabad is to impart education by following a student-centric approach. All the learning, assignments, and assessments will take place in any atmosphere, which is conducive to learning.

A brief description:

Qualified, trained, and experienced teaching faculty is always present to help students learn about projects for major discoveries in life. To ensure that students learn everything to the fullest potential, DPSG Faridabad has now taken up new teaching methods, which are mostly inquiry-based. This school supports the ideas of experiential learning.

Location and more:

DPSG Faridabad is situated on the Delhi-Agra highway. It has a lush green locale of around 6 acres, which will provide the most conducive environment to meet all kinds of intellectual pursuits and students’ holistic development.

  • Here, students will come to study, build, dream and find a bearing and will then blossom into responsible and balanced citizens.
  • This school claims to create students who will be path-breakers when it comes to excellence.
  • This school is here with modern infrastructure and facilities to help in the overall growth of students.
  • Here, students can take an active part in basketball and in other playground activities for matching international standards.

The proper care:

The point that makes DPSG Faridabad one of the leading names among the top 4 schools in Faridabad is that it cares for every student, especially. The dedicated team of sincere faculty members will go out of their way to help students fulfill their educational demands and answer some of their queries too.

  • There are promising assessment dialogue sessions hosted, which help to create a strong bond between students and teachers. Moreover, the school consists of a fully AC building, which is well-equipped with all facilities for dance, theatre, teaching, and other literary programs.
  • Not just the teaching members, but even the non-teaching staff will have clear authority distribution and responsibility to structure out school’s functionality well. It provides them with the impetus to run the school in a smooth way.


The teaching staffs from DPSG Faridabad believe that sports play a significant role in the overall development of students when it comes to character building and personal building traits. They believe that a healthy body is the key to a fresh and healthy mind.

That’s why the DPSG Faridabad team ensures to add proper sport-related programs for the students to refresh their minds in the middle of hectic study times. It is yet another reason why parents should go for DPSG Faridabad while looking for CBSE schools in Faridabad.

Multiple events hosted from time to time:

Right from fancy dress competitions to sit and draw contests, DPSG Faridabad will cover it all. It is all about the overall development of little kids. Even during this pandemic scenario, online programs are equally encouraged besides education. So, if you want your kid to enjoy an overall development in life, then DPSG Faridabad is your call!

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