DPSG Completed Professional Learning development Programme For Teachers


The training conducted during the summer break was a new and very different kind of learning experience. Earlier we had real sessions with the subject experts conducting the sessions sharing the latest updates and exchanging ideas about the subject. This time the sessions were virtual on MS Teams and were conducted by the teachers of DPSG schools about the practices to be implemented in the DPSG schools.

The central idea of these sessions was to promote the culture of student-led learning based on inquiry to ensure quality education. The emphasis on more interaction between a student and teacher will be of great help in improving the learning experience. The idea of developing a better connection with the students will help the teacher in understanding the individual needs of the students and focus on a plan to address those specific needs.

The 12 days training session has led to professional development by giving a better understanding of the concept of student-led learning and the related techniques for its smooth implementation. Thanking all involved in providing a very useful and enriching session.

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