Words are indeed potent, and they carry their own persona of being sterling, atrocious and monstrous. All of us have come across numerous negative talking friends, acquaintances who will not stop short at using bad words, non -positive words to describe any situation or people. For example, “She looks so shabby.” “My family always points out my mistakes”. “I absolutely hate her.” So the intriguing question is, “What’s wrong with these lines”. In fact, ‘everything’ is wrong over here.

Words are indicators of mental health or well-being as well. A bitter, resentful mind will always deliver harsh negative words for any kind of situations. But to stay happy, healthy and productive – use of positive affirmations are crucially vital. Positive words have healing powers –they can comfort empower and uplift dampened spirits. Spiritualists and Naturalists, worldwide believed that positive words exude positive energy, acting as a weapon to eradicate mental ailments and nullify bad luck. History is replete with great orators who empowered the world by motivating others with their fiery speeches. So we can definitely say, – “Words can make or break us if not used wisely”.

Positive language attracts good people around us. Positive talking and polite gestures can usher in positive attention. Putting one’s thoughts into constructive words can bring out the best in us. Positive thoughts when translated into words always attract positivity from people and situations surrounding us. Alacrity brings positive vibrations in body, mind and soul. The words we hear, read, speak and use have a greater and much deeper impact on us than actually on the beam.

Dr. Carol Dweck said “A positive vocabulary is a key to success in school and life”. When one expresses to motivate, calm and appreciate others then the brain creates feel-good chemicals that encourage one to get out in the world and give the best. Structures in our brain, collectively called the limbic system, manage the chemicals responsible for human happiness. These “feel-good” chemicals are dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and serotonin, which are discharged all-time we see or say something good for our endurance.

Negative language can block the brain’s de-stress mechanisms, weakening areas of the brain’s frontal lobes and block its cognitive functions. Positivity in terms of the words that we use day-to-day is one of the best ways to improve the state of mind-set. So choose positive words over negative words no matter how difficult the world is around us.

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