Effective Ways To Support The Personality Development In Children

Education is one of the biggest industries in India, enrolling billions of students each year. As impressive as it sounds, it is not quite as easy to attend every child in a school and encourage their development. But that is exactly the type of healthy school environment DPSG Faridabad provides. Because children need such environment to learn, seeing how they spend the majority of their time in schools.

So, the responsibility of the teachers to motivate children and support their personality development forms a vital part of the Indian education system. And not every child is the same. As individuals, they have different cultural backgrounds, aspirations, and personalities. Moreover, they have different levels of comfort and boundaries that come into play within the school premises. Some kids may be extroverted, some may be introverted, some might take time in answering questions because of their anxiety, and some might be eager to interact. These are personality traits and all of them need to be supported and facilitated equally in order to make the child confident.

Supporting each and every child in their personality development in a constructive and encouraging way is vital to the learning process. It is an important responsibility that must be shouldered by teachers in the learning space.

Here are a few strategies that are followed by DPSG Faridabad for encouraging personality development in students.

  • Being attentive to their feelings

The first thing all children require to grow and reach their full potential is attention. As adults, it is important to attend to children in a way that is mature, while still being on a level that is comprehensible to them. Being attentive to their feelings and personal changes is an effective way of supporting children in their personality development. Instead of being dismissive of their emotions, validating what they feel is the best way. This helps the child be better aware of their feelings and bring about personal growth. Being dismissive of children’s feelings can cause an emotional rift and can even snowball into problems later in adolescence.

  • Avoid labeling

Labeling children can often be restrictive of personal growth. Labeling the behavior of children can impose invisible boundaries on their sense of self, preventing personality development. Furthermore, labeling can give rise to harmful stereotypes that affect their personal image, leading to long-term personality disorders.

  • Helping children learn from mistakes

Human beings are far from being infallible. And as children, it is easy to fall short due to a lack of experience. However, instead of simply making a mistake, it is vital to learn and gain experience from the same. Teaching children the importance of failure plays a crucial role in personality development. Instead of reprimanding them when they make a mistake, it is important to help them understand it. It is effective in generating a positive self-image, learning from the experience, and even rectifying them on their own! Being supportive of children when they make a mistake comforts them, eases the sense of guilt, and provides a safe space for them to grow.

  • Teaching about responsibilities

Throughout childhood, children often imitate the actions of adults as a part of personality development, making it the perfect opportunity to teach them about responsibilities. Giving children responsibilities is a great way for boosting their morale and make them feel important. Over years, it has been seen that children who are given responsibilities make rapid personal progress and develop a sense of self-reliance and independence.

  • Accepting them for who they are

As children, finding one’s true identity can often be tricky. To support personality development in children, it is important to accept them for who they are. No two children are alike, and thus, it is important to keep in mind their individuality while dealing with them. Moreover, it helps children find a safe space to confide in, share their feelings, and come out as individuals with unique identities. It is also effective in breaking away from a patriarchal mindset, where children can freely embrace their identity in the LGBTQA+ spectrum and be respectful of others’ individual identities.

Every child deserves attention, affection, and care.  DPSG Faridabad values and understands the importance of having a happy and secure childhood. As one of the best CBSE schools in Faridabad, DPSG School Faridabad makes sure the school provides an atmosphere that recognizes children at an individual level, develops their personalities, thus helping them grow into their best selves.

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