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The effects of social and emotional learning in children’s personality

It has been a long two years after which students are given a chance to again visit their school premises and start leading a normal student’s life. Their lives, surrounding online classes and home culture, have been missing out on the major fun of playing in the school playground and sitting beside your best friend in class.

But, there has been a two-fold experience among students once the schools reopened their doors to students. Even though there have been positive vibes going around mostly, there has been a negative side to it as well.

Well, the heartbroken news of a student committing suicide in a top-performing school in Faridabad because of bullying has been covering the news lately. It is the result of coming to a physical learning environment after a long time.

Just to be sure that your kid doesn’t have to go through the same situation and end up with a drastic result, it is important to focus on social and emotional learning among children. Right from peer interaction to the importance of social and emotional wellbeing of a student – everything matters a lot.

Reliable schools like DPSG Faridabad will talk about its importance to help create a safer educational environment for the students. It even talks about the role that school and parents play in presenting a nurturing environment for the kids.

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The 5 major social-emotional learning skills:

There are 5 major social and emotional learning skills that DPSG Faridabad will ensure to teach their students right from the very beginning to install fate in their own self. Make sure to learn about that now.

  1. Social skills: Here, the students will learn about managing relationships, inspiring others and then inducing desired responses straight from their sides.
  2. Empathy: Here, the little ones will learn how to sense the emotions of others. This is a great learning module that prevents students from bullying others by placing them in other people’s shoes.
  3. Motivation: The students here will learn how to utilize the emotional factors to procure goals, enjoy the learning process and persevere in the face of obstacles.
  4. Self-regulation: It is the art of controlling or even redirecting a student’s emotions by anticipating consequences before even acting on impulse.
  5. Emotional self-awareness: It is a way to know what someone is feeling at a given point in time and understand how that can impact those moods on others.

The essential role of SEL:

The COVID-19 pandemic has actually brought the essential SEL role into the limelight and has drawn attention to the need to take a more holistic approach towards students’ development and learning.

  • SEL might have particular relevance in the context of the Global South, during and beyond the pandemic, where some of the greater challenges have been faced with supporting students’ distance learning.
  • Right now, there is one urgent need to understand how the students’ learning was impacted during COVID 19 closures while also focusing on the impact of school closures on students’ mental well being and health.
  • Along with that, a better knowledge of how SEL has helped mitigate the impact of school closures and the role of Students’ SEL beyond pandemics are major factors for further investigations.

Parents and teachers working on SEE (Social, Emotional & Ethical) learning:

Reliable schools like DPSG Faridabad are currently focusing on SEE learning even more for better emotional and social development among kids. SEE Learning, also known as social, emotional and ethical learning, is primarily a K-12 education program, which is developed for international use. It is a proper culmination of the academic collaboration, guided by a shared vision for the education of mind and heart.

  • Such educational programs will convey a non-sectarian, universal and science-based approach to bring the child’s ethical development up into education.
  • The SEE learning provides educators from DPSG Faridabad with the comprehensive framework for the cultivation of emotional, social and ethical competencies.
  • It consists of the age-specified curricula, which consists of easy to implement lessons and support structure for the educator preparation.
  • It will also focus on the facilitator certification and the ongoing professional development over here.

The best practices along the way:

The SEE learning is crafted after focusing on the best practices in the social-emotional learning or SEL programs. Apart from that, it will also expand by drawing in some new developments designed on the latest knowledge in scientific research and educational practice. It will cover some major topics such as the cultivation of compassion for others, attention training, and resiliency skills depending on trauma-informed care, ethical discernment and systems thinking.

So, letting your child enrol in a Best CBSE school like DPSG Faridabad means he or she will learn the values of both SEE and SEL programs. Teachers will even let parents know the importance of such programs and continue its uses a home as well!

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