Ways To Create a Positive Learning Environment for Children

There are many ingredients and strategies that go into making a positive and thriving learning environment for children. For their safe and secure future, it’s imperative to create a learning environment that is conducive for their physical as well as mental growth. The various tips for creating a positive learning environment for children at school include:

  • Create Good Relationships: Building positive relationships with students is the base of creating a positive learning environment for them. The teachers need to involve kids in activities and icebreaking sessions where the teachers and students get to know each other. Creating a relationship takes time, and thus, one needs to be patient and considerate for long-lasting relationships.
  • Fruitful Communication: For building a relationship with kids or giving them a positive environment, it’s important to understand their thoughts and language. A teacher needs to use humor, tech, and other strategies to get to their level. A teacher may know the rules backward and forwards, but the students are new to the teaching style and expectations. Thus, a teacher needs to be patient and have conversations with the kids to understand their side of the story.
  • Build Trust: Showing and demanding trust in a relationship builds a great environment for students to learn and attain knowledge. Encouraging and praising them for the decisions they make or the efforts they are putting in the classrooms will build trust between a student, and a teacher, and a school plays a very important role in that.
  • Address Student’s Needs: Students, apart from physical requirements, have psychological needs as well. They require security, order, love, belongingness, fun, freedom, etc. When the teacher addresses these needs, students are happier and more engaged. And this way, learning increases.
  • Create a Sense of Order: Students need structure and are disciplined in a classroom code of conduct. The teachers need to teach students how to:
    • Enter the classroom and become immediately engaged in a learning activity
    • Distribute and collect materials
    • Find out about missed assignments due to absence and how to make them up
    • Get the teacher’s attention without disrupting the class
    • Follow instructions

DPSG Faridabad is diligent and aware of these requirements and follows every trade in the business to incorporate a positive learning environment for students of all ages. Our teachers are experienced, trained, and well-equipped in following all the norms to encourage and build a positive and fruitful relationship with the students.

DPSG Faridabad is one of the leading K-12 CBSE schools in Delhi/NCR, deeply rooted in its philosophy of bringing the best in its educational practices. We are a school that plays equal emphasis on scholastic and foundational requisites in a student’s personality to make them empowered in making meaningful and positive changes in life. Visit our website to know our admission process for the next year.



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