BLENDED LEARNING is an interdisciplinary approach that combines face-to-face and online learning experiences.It combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods along with some elements of student control over time, place, path or pace.

Implementation of Blended learning at DPSG:-

  • Availability of 3D Lab : Incorporate blended learning within the Mathematics and Science teaching curriculum, Nursery to class XII.
  • Availability of two computer labs.
  • Online Teacher Training (E course).
  • Futuristic approach catering to the needs of present technology-savvy-generation
  • Administrative systems include the School Management System (SMS).
  • Incorporating BL “Six-Competencies based framework” in the Lesson-plans.


  • Increases student interest: When technology is blended with school lessons, students would be more interested in it.
  • Student autonomy: E-learning apps/ online educational materials offer personalized learning. Students set appropriate learning goals and are in charge of their own learning.
  • Personalized learning: Flexibility along with face-to-face teaching, Students study at their own pace.
  • Increase in focus: Breaks monotony into areas and presented with an opportunity to conduct research and explore subjects.


  • To bridge the gap between the education system and ensuing lockdown due to the Corona virus pandemic, the teachers of DPSG Faridabad are successfully conducting online classes these days for their learners through Microsoft teams.
  • The educators are well- trained in the use of audio- video control, whiteboard facility, sharing assignments preparing PPT etc. and they have successfully arranged for the required resources to enable them to deliver the virtual classes.

ICT infrastructure recommend for Students :

  • A Study table where the student can attend to the scholastic work.
  • A good landline broadband with a standby wireless dongle from JIO, Airtel or any provider.
  • A multifunction printer of any make
  • A Laptop for exclusive use by the student with following features.
  • Windows 10 operating system.
  • Office 365 for Students and it has all the applications that the student would need for online classes.

ICT infrastructure recommend for Teachers for online classes:

  • Designated workplace with no interruption.
  • Appropriate workstation system: Computer or laptop. All cameras working and switched on during classroom interaction.
  • Absolutely no usage of mobile phones for conducting classes.
  • Wi Fi with adequate bandwidth to support the demand of the teaching learning process, as well as cover all meetings, workshops, seminars etc.
  • Printer