The highly dynamic 21st century, where sciences, life sciences, technology, communications, travel and computing is inducing a paradigm shift in the very way we organize work processes and work places.

The emergence of opportunities and professions that never existed and our march towards the yet unknown and unchartered professions and vocations, calls for equipping the gen next with new knowledge, skills & competencies. It is expected that schools align themselves with this change and its pace.

As a recognized leader in school space, DPSG strives to provide students with opportunities for multidimensional and holistic development. Students learn to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence. They learn to think creatively, take risks, discover new grounds and tread where no one has before. Our journey towards excellence does not conclude with outstanding academic results that our schools have produced each year; our endeavor extends beyond; to prepare our students for life and encourage them for leadership roles in whatever profession they choose.

Teachers are the most important influence on the growth and evolution of the child. They not only help students acquire Knowledge, but also foster Skills, Competencies, Attitudes, Dispositions, Values and Beliefs. It is this student, school, teacher, family and community collaboration that has a defining role in enriching the school years in people’s lives.

The Curriculum Design 2020, created and crafted by the DPSG School teachers and academic leaders is a cumulation of our years of research, understanding and hard work. Apart from several other innovations, it shifts focus from teaching to learning and from conventional classroom methods to student led and inquiry-based learning. Thankfully, the New Education Policy 2020, announced by the Government of India, is in perfect alignment with the DPSG’s Curriculum Design 2020.

As I compliment the Principal, headmistresses and all members of staff and all students, I also extend my best wishes to the parents and grandparents who are an integral part of the school. I hope they will continue to work collaboratively with the school in ensuring that their children and our students receive their fullest support and blessings.

Om Pathak