‘A day without laughter is a day wasted.’

In the current scenario of pandemic, when everyone is engulfed with stress, anxiety and uneasiness, laughter is an accessory that one should not forget to take along anywhere. To promote this idea, the virtual Inter school Laughter competition was organised by DPSG FARIDABAD on 30th July 2021 with full zeal to instil a wave of positivity in the society through merriment.

Participants tried to generate some positive and joyful emotions of laughter which can help remove negativity and spread cheer, peace and happiness among all.

The participants surely brought laughter to the audience through the constructive satire and innovative expressions. The competition provided a wonderful opportunity for the budding comedians to think out of the box.

They successfully captivated the judges’ attention and presented their stand-up-comedies in their own unique way. Putting up a performance virtually was definitely very challenging but the spirit of everyone was so much that all the students performed very well. The event received an overwhelming response from various schools across Delhi NCR.

It was indeed an exciting and fun-loving session for all of us. The event inspired everyone to smile and always be positive in their lives.

Career Counselling Program -Mental Health Issues

Mental health is the state of mind in which the individual can experience sustained joy of life while working productively, interacting with others meaningfully and facing up adversity without losing capacity to function physically, psychologically and socially. It is undoubtedly a vital resource for a nation’s development and its absence represents a great burden to the economic, political and social functioning of the nation.

DPSG Faridabad took a concerted effort for nurturing, promoting and preserving positive mental health for the students by conducting a career counselling program based on Mental Health and Hygiene on 27th July, 2021. The overarching aim of this program was to sensitize and orient the students on preparedness for the Exams without getting mentally stressed. The main focus of the session was to suggest to the students on how to organize their time, resources and be mentally and physically healthy in a more effective way. It was conducted by alumni Ms.Yukti Malik and Ms. Vanshika Singh from the Department of Psychology, DU. They unanimously stressed on reinforcing positive thinking habits, eating healthy and developing resilience which can be invaluable in protecting young people from developing mental health problems. They also suggested various ways for maintaining healthy mind like by being mindful and living in the present moment by maintaining journals, consulting professional counsellors without any inhibition. Ms. Yukti Malik also talked about career prospects in psychology. Faculty members also emphasized that a coordinated and evidence-informed approach to mental health and wellbeing in our school can definitely lead to improved students’ emotional health and wellbeing which can help readiness to stress free learning in the long run. The workshop wrapped up with a question -answer session. It was such a proud moment for DPSG Faridabad as the alumni students shared their success stories with the students and their families emphasizing especially on the prospect of psychology as a career choice.


Taking account of the prevailing situation of the global pandemic Covid 19, DPSG Faridabad conducted an exciting virtual ‘Interschool Digital Poster Making Competition on 16th July 2021’ for students across Delhi NCR Region as part of an initiative to enhance public awareness about ‘Digital India’. Competitions of the sort increase the observational skills, response to thoughts, awareness, and concern of the students towards global digital advancement. One could see and feel the enthusiasm that the children had in their presentations. This competition was organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to showcase their skills. It inspired them to think and work creatively in order to promote artistic and technical excellence. The children participated earnestly in the competition. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all. The rubrics for judgment were: Originality, Clarity of expression, Uniqueness and content presented. Each of the posters prepared by the children was a treat to the eyes. It was indeed an enjoyable event.


DPSG Faridabad held the virtual Investiture Ceremony on Friday, 15th July 2021 to invest the newly appointed Junior and Senior School Council.

Ms. Neeru, welcomed the Chairman of the School, Mr. Rohit Pathak, the Officiating Principal AVM LN Sharma, faculty members, parents and all the meritorious students. The welcome was followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. The guests were treated to a visual display of an action song based feisty dance recital that motivated everyone to strive for greatness, celebrating strength, self- belief, and the power of positivity. Students were lauded for their sheer hard work and dedication.

Our Honourable Chairman Sir, Mr. Rohit Pathak congratulated the newly appointed council members. In his address, he reiterated that student council posts were about responsibility and authority. Students were requested to become worthy role models for their peers by being exemplary in their disposition and demeanour. Faculty Members of the school unanimously thanked the parents for their constant support and positive feedback.

The newly elected school appointees were administered the oath of office by the Senior Coordinator, Ms Anju Malik wherein they pledged to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities and abide by the rules and regulations of the school. The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms. Parul Sharma. It was indeed a day imbued with a sense of pride, achievement and humility.

Orientation Programme for the parents at DPSG Faridabad

Under the able guidance of our Academic Director Air Vice Marshal LN Sharma AVSM, an Orientation Programme was organized at DPSG Faridabad on 03.07.2021 to welcome the parents of new admission as well as the old parents’ fraternity for the session 2021-2022. The aim was to familiarize the parents, “as partners in progress” with the NEW Curriculum Design,2020, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities. The programme commenced with a warm welcome to the parents followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. A dance performance by the dance teacher was indeed an eye candy for the audience.

The School Academic Director and Officiate Principal, LN Sharma Sir, addressed the gathering. In his speech, Mr.Sharma laid stress on effective communication between the teachers & the parents and also sought their support and suggestions so that the children could be provided the best for their overall holistic development. The parents were briefed about the rules and regulations of the school. Later, the teachers presented a role play to explain CD 2020 to the parents and gave an overview of the new curriculum design incorporating various subjects like English, Math, Science and Social Science and not to forget the co -scholastic activities which gave them an assurance that the curriculum involves self-directed, hands-on learning activities which not only give vent to their creative talents and energies but also help in their all-round development of the child.

The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner to help them to be a true human being. It also helped in evolving a common teaching strategy based on the new curriculum design and helped the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.

Parents were also guided on EYP curriculum pattern and were also made aware about the cyber footprints which involved guidance related to the latest inquiry based learning. Overall it was a fruitful meeting and the parents were in high spirits after attending the orientation programme.

National Doctor’s Day-1st July 2021

A special assembly was held at DPSG Faridabad, on Thursday to celebrate National Doctor’s Day where students vouched that doctors will be respected diligently.

The day was specially celebrated in remembrance of veteran Dr BC Roy. Students, parents, and teachers gathered virtually to recognize the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities.

DPSG family Thanked to our real heroes, the Corona warriors who are serving on the frontline during this pandemic. We value every single effort made by all our honourable doctors to save lives. To imbibe the true meaning of the day and follow glorious trails of the noble souls towards evolving a truly healthy world, this special interactive assembly was organised by the teachers where the students of the school paid a creative homage to the doctors by making a thoughtful ppt and shared insightful thoughts about the greatness of the doctors.

On the occasion of National Doctors' Day, the chief guest Dr. Priya Malik addressed the students talking about her achievements and she wholeheartedly extended her gratitude towards the DPSG fraternity.


A virtual Inter School Art Competition was Organized today by DPSG, Faridabad based on various themes like self-identity, use of monochromatic colours, and figurative composition. It was indeed a day where we saw creativity exploding in every piece of art form and style.

The competition provided a wonderful opportunity for the budding novice artists to think out of the box. Participants were enunciated upon how art plays a pivotal role in our lives and how it encompasses every aspect of humanity. The competition not only served its sole purpose but also gave the students a wider platform to display their vivid ideas and to learn more by interacting with others. It also enhanced awareness amongst students so that the compatibility with self and nature becomes their motto in life.
Primary , Middle and the Senior School Art students were divided into three groups and they participated in the following categories.
1. Self Identity-This theme concentrated on picturing “our own self ”.
2. Use of monochromatic colours reflecting different art forms .
3. Any kind of figural Compositions with mixed media.

Teachers encouraged the young artists to express themselves freely and honestly. The event received an overwhelming response with the participation of numerous students from various schools across Delhi NCR. The students enthusiastically participated and the competition served as an excellent platform to showcase their talent.


A workshop was conducted today (29th May 2021)at DPSGFBD to equip our students with the painting and coloring skills.

The workshop was organized by fevicryl org. Students enthusiastically and keenly participated and displayed their splendid interest by sketching and painting.

The artwork of some of the students was commendable and their efforts were acknowledged and applauded by all. It was a wonderful workshop which was enjoyed not only by students but by teachers as well.

DPSG, Faridabad hosted an exciting video making competition on Mother’s Day, "I Love My Mom because………"

The students of different schools enthusiastically participated in this event eager to speak of their love for mom.
Age was no bar, as the teachers at DPSG, Faridabad grabbed this opportunity to express their immense feelings of love and appreciation towards their mother as the competition was open for age groups 5- 45 yrs.

Our teachers made an earnest effort to instil the importance of a mother in a child’s life through effective thematic presentations video clippings and songs.

The outcome of their efforts was marvellous. These wonderful videos by teachers not only encouraged the students to express their inner feelings but also motivated the students to show love and respect towards their parents. Mother's felt really special by the devotion bestowed upon them on this their special day.


"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."

- Agatha Christie

Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring motherhood, as well as our maternal bond. To show love and respect to their mothers, the young, enthusiastic and adorable students of DPSG Faridabad celebrated this most special day with lots of fun activities and some memorable performances in their virtual morning assembly.

Tiny tots came up with their presentation of songs, poems and dance to convey gratitude to their moms. It was a pleasure watching the super excited students showering their heartfelt messages for their mothers who have the magic touch to heal all wounds and make all things naturally beautiful.

Virtual poem recitation, songs, dance and drama mesmerized the audience as these acts exalted the mother as God, teacher, friend, philosopher and guide and emphasised the truth that a mother’s love for her child is eternal and effervescent.

Our Principal Ma’am congratulated and appreciated the students for putting up such a wonderful assembly.

She also addressed all the mothers very emotionally and congratulated them for their many sacrifices and untiring efforts. While speaking on the occasion, she reiterated that no matter how busy we are in our daily lives, we should never forget our lovely mothers to whom we owe our existence and we should always give quality time to our mothers and appreciate their contributions in our lives.


To celebrate Earth Week, an array of creative activities were organized by DPSG Faridabad with a view to sensitize the students about the critical condition of the present day Earth , the importance of conservation of natural resources, as well as to motivate others to take special efforts towards making our planet even more beautiful especially by using natural resources judiciously and permanently banning the usage of the non-biodegradable plastic bags.

To embark on the journey a special morning assembly was held on today virtually, based on the theme “Say No to Plastic” where the students took a pledge to preserve and conserve their self-sustaining planet. The students were instructed to turn their trash into treasure and learnt the art of reducing, reusing and recycling through songs, videos and power point presentations.

Teachers played a theme based mellow song which was followed by sharing of thoughts, special soulful speeches by the Primary Wing students dedicated to our blue planet.

Our Principal, Ma’am praised the efforts of all the students and the teachers for the assembly and asked everyone to appreciate and preserve bountiful gifts of the Mother Nature.

The events of the week will definitely rekindle affective concerns and instigate the youngsters to protect, save and love nature.


The students of DPSG, Faridabad participated in ‘Best out of Waste’ competition held on 20th April 2021. The objective of the competition was to conserve the environment by making best out of waste with help of recyclable things.

The competition was open to all the primary and the middle wing students who used their imagination and creativity to make innovative things. Students used broken bangles, plastic bottles, waste nails, peanut shell, beads, styrofoam containers, old CD etc. The students participated in the competition with great joy and zeal. Teachers also actively encouraged the participants.
All those things which are waste in our day to day life were used in a constructive manner. Cloth dolls, wall hanging with bangles, night lamp with bottle, and paper flowers, bird feeders, photo frames etc. were artistically made. The criteria for the competition were presentation, use of material, ingenuity.

The activity displayed creativity of the young artists of our school and developed a sense of love for environment. All the teachers along with our Principal Ma’am appreciated the students’ work, motivated them to reduce the waste. The competition taught students about the importance of recycling and reusing of waste materials through artistic presentation.

Vritica and Shaurya Singhal from Grade 2,
Vardan Kaushik from Grade 4,
Arib Ahmed from Grade 5,
Shubham Kaushik from Grade 6,
Himanshi Gola of Grade7 and
Aanya Singhal of Grade 8 were the winners of this competition.


Successful execution of Vaccination Drive at DPSG, Faridabad .

With the surging numbers of COVID cases being reported from various educational institutions, DPSG Faridabad focused on vaccinating staff and community people in around the vicinity of the school by organizing a vaccine camp in the school campus on 15/04/2021.

Ms. Pyster, Principal, said, “Our Management planned to organize a camp in the campus. Not only we have thought of organizing the vaccine camp for our teaching and non-teaching staff, but we also have made it mandatory for our staff to take maximum safety precautions in the campus while working online for the students from the school.”

The camp was organized from 9am to 2pm. A team of doctors from PHC, Sikri visited the campus for the drive. With an ID, staff and citizens walked in and get vaccinated. The entire staff 45 years and above had been vaccinated today in compliance with Covid-19 guidelines of the state health department.

DPSG Society is committed to the safety of all its members. The school campus is sanitized every day to ensure that everyone stays safe.


To integrate sustainable goals into the classrooms and to prepare the students of Grades Xth and XIIth for the future competitive exams DPSGS, Faridabad came together with ZinEdu which is professionally managed by a teams of IITs, IIMs and other premium institutes to get the students ready to transform the country’s educational landscape using technology and education.

They would be conducting classroom training programs, live classes, school integrated programs and execute innovative relay model successfully to train the students of various Science subject and Humanities as well for National and International Level training programs.

A three days bridge session training-workshop on Quality Student Education and Capacity Building will be taken in an online mode. Since quality is always demanded in field of teacher education, DPSG Faridabad has taken this initiative to play a role in capacity development of the students to provide quality education by incorporating such completive exam training programs for the students for the forthcoming new session.


“Life is not merely being alive, but being well”.

On 8th of April, students of DPSG, Junior and Middle Wing celebrated World Health Day by conducting a special assembly. The assembly began by seeking the blessings from Almighty followed by a series of events. The assembly was hosted by Aanya Singhal of class VIII. While addressing she inspired and motivated students regarding the importance of health. After her Pranjal took over and spoke few lines about the World Health Day and on importance of maintenance of good health”.

The aim of the assembly was to convey the message of keeping oneself healthy by adopting healthy lifestyle. Later children indulged in various takeaway activities on the theme- ‘Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy’ working on both foundational and scholastic domain for the overall development of overall strong personalities of the children under the able guidance of the teachers . The day was indeed enlightening as it touched upon significant issues of good health and wellbeing. Last but not least, our Principal Ma’am guided and motivated students to follow heathy lifestyle and follow all health measures suggested.


On popular demand and repeated requests, DPSG FARIDABAD organized