Participation increases knowledge and confidence, builds sportsmanship, boosts enthusiasm and develops an ability to understand individual shortcomings to overcome the same.

DPSG FARIDABAD strongly believes in this philosophy and aspires to inculcate it in the students from the very beginning. It is the result of this spirit only that our students are always eager to be a part of all events in the school or outside, scholastic or co scholastic. The enthusiasm and energy that the school exhibits towards participation is a remarkable measure to build the self esteem and competitive spirit in the young individuals and mark its visibility as progressive school in the vicinity.


A celebration of the Joy of Giving during this season of peace and love. The birth of Lord Jesus coupled with a gay Carnival, Santa Claus and merriment. A Christmas carnival and with New year-round the corner, heralds festivity in the air. And to fully enjoy the festive season, DPSG Faridabad organized a Christmas carnival on the school grounds. The students along with their teachers put up many stalls which included everything from games to food. Game stalls like ‘Hungry Santa’, ‘Snowball Toss’, ‘Balancing Lemons’ and ‘Floating Balls’ etc., were enticing enough to make everybody try their hands at it. The students of the school truly showed their skills to impress and attract the parents and visitors. It was a wonderful sight to see the young students handling their stalls and the eager crowd consisting of parents and well wishers enjoying the Christmas season to the fullest. The message of Christmas which is love, joy and peace was clearly brought out and evidenced in the happy smiles of all present.

Celebrating Christmas CarnivalCelebrating Christmas Carnival with Santa Claus


Sports day Sports Day was celebrated at DPSG Faridabad with great zeal and fervor. The Chief Guest of the day was Mrs. Prem Lata Vohra, BEO of Ballabhgarh district who further boosted the morale of the students with her benign presence and encouraging words. The students displayed a wide array of energetic and bouncy events ranging from the mass display, track events, hoola hoops, yoga and taekwondo. They mesmerized the audience with their energetic performances. The parents, teachers and ground staff also took part enthusiastically in the fun races organized for them. The winners were awarded medals and certificates by the Chief Guest and the Principal of the school Mrs. A. Pyster.



To expose our children to learn the beauty of an authentic, ethnic village setup, DPSG Faridabad had a fun day out with the students to Lohagarh Farms. It was a day full of fun activities wherein our students were delighted to explore the old rustic life and acquired more information on them. Some of the key attractions for the students were Pottery, Camel Ride, Bullock Ride, Tractor Ride, Team- Building Activities, Archery, shooting, Tug of War, Mehndi, Mud-Bath and much more. All activities were carried under expert supervision by trained instructors using a complete safety harness. The trip was a memorable one, which encouraged the students to keep alive the memories of our old legacy.


Education and Competitions plays a vital part in a student’s life. Competitions are a part of education as it aids in the development of educational skills and targets to increase student’s efficiency. Thereupon, DPSG, Faridabad organized an Inter School Competition on 22nd and 23rd of October, 2019.Our school had invited varied other schools to participate in the same. This competition had two categories namely: - Literary and Cultural which took place on 22nd and 23rd respectively. It seemed like a feast and all the schools participated enthusiastically. It was a good platform to gain substantial experience, showcase the talent, analyze and evaluate the outcomes and uncover the personal aptitude.


An industrial visit to Venus Industrial Corporation PVT LTD, Prithla was organized by DPSG Faridabad, for the students of class- 8 on 7th November 2019. The automotive industry is the flagship company of the acclaimed VENUS GROUP and is partnering the automotive industry with power-packed products and innovative engineering concepts for more than three decades.

The students were taken around the plant and were explained about the production and operations process. They were shown the following machinery system:

  • Robot functioning and wielding
  • Heavy Presses
  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Raw materials used for manufacturing parts

The students also got an interactive exposure by interacting with the staff of Venus Industry and got replies to their queries. Thus organizing such kind of educational trip is like having precise and crisp ideology to the entire engineering domain.

Overall it was highly interactive and learning visit for the students on the concepts related to production and operations in a large manufacturing plant.


Albert Einstein has aptly quoted ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’.

This is so true with the students of DPSG Faridabad, as the students of Classes – VI to VIII displayed their creativity by designing the Bulletin Boards of their school corridors on the theme of FESTIVALS. Students of the three houses took part in the Competition enthusiastically and decorated the Bulletin Boards with great pomp and show on 9th of October,2019.

All the soft boards looked vibrant and colourful with posters of Lord Ganesha and Mahalakshmi and various slogans. Almost every child contributed in making these beautiful decorations. They were judged on their creativity, presentation and innovative quality. Godawari House performed exceptionally well and stood first and Krishna House was adjudged the Runner-up. The judges applauded the efforts put in by the students of each house with equal zeal and felicitated the winners.

Independence Day is celebrated as a very important day every year and India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day on 15th of August, 2020.
DPSG Faridabad conducted a virtual assembly on 14th August, 2020 to celebrate the Independence Day. The key performances included patriotic songs, dances and poem recitations by students across all classes. It was an absolute delight to watch many younger children showcasing their talent and spirit of nationalism and senior students too exhibiting their patriotic spirit through different acts, fervent speeches and performances.
A competition entitled "HindPrem" was conducted for the students of Primary and Secondary School and it was indeed difficult to select the winners.
Each student spoke glowingly about their respect and devotion to our great land of India, and the small but no doubt significant role they, as children were playing in exhibiting their "HindPrem" in their homes, society, neighbourhood's etc.
The actual flag hoisting ceremony, at DPSG, Faridabad was held in the morning of the 15th August, 2020 in the presence of Principal and Admin officer, Col. J P Singh, other administration and support staff of the school. It was an awe inspiring experience singing our National Anthem, and standing respectfully watching our majestic flag, undulating gently in the wind.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

‘A good teacher can ignite hope, imagination and instill a love for learning’
Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September each year on the occasion of the birth anniversary of India’s second President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was of the opinion that teachers should be the best minds in a country. So thus, to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the teachers, DPSG Faridabad celebrated its first virtual Teacher’s day amid the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, with great fun and enthusiasm.
All the teachers with their honorable Principal ma’am, remembered and appreciated the efforts of their teachers in their lives, as no matter how old we all grow, the lessons taught by our teachers can never be forgotten. Each of them remembered and shared about the person who has motivated and inspired them to be a wonderful and dedicated teacher. The heartfelt remembrance displayed by each and every teacher exhibited their love and passion they have for their profession.


DATE- 23rd, SEPTEMBER, 2020

“Leadership is lifting an individual’s vision to higher sights, the raising of performance to a higher standards, and the building of personality beyond its normal limitations.” Leaders are role models who inspire the team and encourage and motivate them to achieve their set targets.
To inculcate the spirit of leadership amongst our students, DPSG Faridabad organised a virtual workshop on Leadership which was hosted by a gracious, passionate and a proficient clinical Psychologist Ms Vishwa Modi from the renowned organization, Mood Space. She emphasised the various qualities like integrity, empathy, compassion gratitude etc a leader should possess. Not the least is a sense of humour, and willingness to walk the extra mile. Our Principal also stressed that truly good leaders work as a team, and do not worry about who gets the praise on completion of a task, as long as the job is done well. Good leaders strive to create more leaders from within the team and thus empower everyone to emerge stronger and tightly knit.
All the students of classes VIII to XII gathered in the co-scholastic general channel. The students were extremely excited and enthusiastic to attend the workshop. They actively participated in the interactive discussions and put forth their views. The level of engagement was high. The workshop ended with the assurance by the students that they would try to follow the instructions and guidance provided to them and acquaint themselves with leadership skills and qualities.


DPSG, Faridabad in association with Mindler Career counselling institute conducted an assessment test for the students of classes 9th to 12th, it is an online career test to evaluates students on 56 parameters across 5 dimensions including Personality, Aptitude, Interest, EQ and Orientation Style, to suggest them top career options. It is the only assessment so far, to have included a section on emotional & social intelligence, and gone as far as determining motivators for an individual.
Students were briefed on how to use the Mindler dashboard and how to take the assessments, the instructions were shared.
The associates of the institute shared school access code and password of the Student dashboard on 4 Sep 2020 and explained the student Dashboard to senior coordinators and IT heads
The student could get access to the following from his/her dashboard
• Career Assessments & Reports (A comprehensive evaluation on 5 dimensions for career success: Aptitude, Personality, Interest, Emotional Quotient and Orientation Style)
• The 34-page assessment report, with top 5 career matches and Developmental plans, to help you improve in the areas you lack.
The assessment test was engrossing and aroused interest and curiosity amongst the students.


It is rightly quoted, “The career path should be chosen based on passion and interest in the field. Choosing a career path against our will leads to job dissatisfaction. Your career path should be clear during your final years of school to decide about higher education accordingly.
To strengthen our student’s future. “Mindler” a reputed Career Counselling Institute held a career counselling workshop which tried to cater to the specific queries of the students in relation to subject choices/streams, examination tips, College options, career options etc. All students of classes 9th to 12 attended the virtual counselling session in co-scholastic channel.
Today’s session mainly focussed on the various career options related to different subject streams. Ms Shikha the facilitator of the workshop abreast the students with numerous courses and professional careers associated with each stream. The session was very interactive. The students enjoyed attending the session as it brought more clarity to their future plans and career options.


On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the father of our Nation; Mahatma Gandhi, DPSG FARIDABAD came together on the virtual platform, MS TEAMS to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. Mahatma Gandhi gave the whole world the message of peace and nonviolence.

In keeping with the Mahatma's philosophy, students of DPSG FARIDABAD started the special assembly with a small talk on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and paid a tribute by participating in the programme that was aimed towards creating awareness and inculcating Gandhian values of humanity, brotherhood and secularism.
Taking the celebrations into full swing our students also danced and performed to patriotic themes. It was a beautiful sight to see the children celebrate this day with great zest and enthusiasm. The students shared valuable information on the life of the Mahatma and Lal Bahadur Shastri, celebrating the birth anniversary of two great leaders on 2nd October.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Gandhiji dreamt of a clean India and also emphasised on following it religiously. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also initiated “Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan” to fulfil Gandhiji’s dream. On this occasion, our students were asked to promise to abide by the campaign- ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa Abhiyan’, with the pledge to keep their school, home, city clean.

The assembly was finally concluded with a short song by the choir, encouraging and building patriotic fervour in their young lives by respectfully singing, “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram….’ which aptly matched with the principles of our ‘Father of the Nation’.
The school Principal, in her address spread the message of endurance, peace, harmony and brotherhood and expressed her gratitude to Gandhiji for giving us the powerful tool of Non-Violence. She not only paid homage to Gandhi ji but also talked to children about Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India, whose birth date coincided with Mahatma Gandhi.


On 8th October 2020 , students and faculties of classes eleventh and twelfth of DPSG, Faridabad attended the workshop for “Exam strategies and effective Time Management” -an enlightening session taken up by immensely experienced and professionally qualified Ms. Shilpi from Mindler Career Counselling. The interactions made sure that there was no low point in the session. It gave everyone a clear perspective for the long run. All the factors affecting the choice of the students were addressed and the myths and superstitions regarding the question choices during any entrance examinations were removed to a large extent. Visual presentations were well planned and well-coordinated and broken down into particular streams to help students to overcome exam phobias. Students also enjoyed this informative and interactive session. It was indeed a share worthy experience.


Career decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the future growth and development of students. In today’s environment of multiple options, knowing about choices available helps children in their decision-making process.

DPSG, Faridabad organized a webinar on Career Report interpretation for Grades 10th-12th on 9th October 2020.The facilitator reiterated the importance of knowing one’s potential and subject of interest before making a decision. He also stressed on the right combination of subjects as per their aptitude which should be reflected in their academic performance. He emphasized on the importance of making informed decisions. Mindler, an educational and a career counselling consultancy which draws upon vast experience and research, aims to offer comprehensive services to students and schools regarding decision making for the future. The session aimed at making the audience aware of the multiple options available for analyzing career report. He also shared information regarding leading universities and various courses available. He vehemently urged the students not to make decisions based on family expectations and peer pressure. He guided the students to identify their interests and what they are good at. The session was informative and enriching for students as well as the faculties.

Schedule for Upcoming Career Counselling Workshops By Mindler:-


Subject Planning Sessions: Pros & Cons of Dropping Subjects

1 hour

13 Oct 20 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)


Profile Building: Focus towards Personality & Aptitude

1 hour

17 Nov 20 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)

Class-X, XI, XII

Group Career Report Interpretation Workshop

1 hour

7 Oct 2020 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)

Class-X and XI

Stream Combination Wise Career Deep Dive

1 hour

30 Sep 20 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)


Understanding the Process behind Overseas Application

1 hour

18 Nov 20 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)

Class- XI and XII

Entrance Exam Strategies and Time Management

1 hour

8 Oct 20 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)

Class- XII

Presentation Strategy for college Applications including Liberal Arts

1 hour

15 Oct 20 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)

Class- XII

College Readiness Workshop (Interviews & Group Discussion)

1 hour

20 Nov 20 (1:15 to 2:15 pm)

Teacher's Training & Orientation Workshop towards Career Planning

1 hour

17 Oct 20 ( 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM)

Parent Orientation & Career Exposure Workshop

1 hour

17 Oct 20 ( 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM)


Career Fair

4 hours


Choosing a career is a major decision and needs meticulous career planning; it requires matching a person’s interests, aptitudes, skills and personality with the job requirements. Career planning process involves, knowing oneself, knowing the world of work and try to develop skills and knowledge suitable for the career you want to opt for.
With this aim in mind DPSG, Faridabad today the 13th October held an informative and well aligned workshop in association with Mindler counselling firm. The facilitator Ms Vaishnavi reiterated the importance of subject planning during this crucial phase of life where students have to decide upon the various available streams and also pros and cons of choosing or dropping subjects.
Students of grade 9th gathered in co-scholastic channel and were extremely enthusiastic to attend the much awaited counselling session. It was indeed an interactive session where students participated eagerly and also put forth their queries related to different lucrative professions and the related streams.


Liberal Arts is a multidisciplinary system of education that includes a diverse mix of subjects from various disciplines including humanities, sciences, commerce, and technology. One can say that Liberal Arts is the disruption in the field of education in India, however, there is a huge lack of awareness about the scope and benefits of such a program.
To make the students aware and well versed with presentation strategies and this new professional aspect, DPSG, Faridabad in association with counselling firm Mindler group today organised a very informative virtual workshop for students of grade 12. The students gathered in co- scholastic channel where one of the facilitators Ms Shilpa addressed the students and guided them about Liberal Arts and its future prospects. She emphasized that Liberal Arts curriculum provides a learning experience that empowers students with skills to deal with change, diversity, and complexity, to develop them as problem solvers and responsible members of the society. Highlighting the importance of Liberal Arts, she reiterated that, as a stream it aims to produce critical thinkers who have the confidence and flexibility to continuously learn new skills and material. The session was very informative and enlightening.


“Essence of Dussehra lies in the merit of righteousness”. Aspiring for revival of goodness while destroying five eternal evils in human psyche - Kaam, Lobh, Krodh, Moh, Ahankara and to emphasize on festive spirit, a special assembly on Dussehra, resonating the victory of good over evil was presented by the feisty students of DPSGS, Faridabad. The assembly commenced with virtual lamp lighting ceremony followed by a soulful presentation of a Ram Bhajan by Nilesh of Grade 9th aiming to enlighten our inner self. Jia of Grade 7th recited a poem to commemorate the spirit of festivities with a lot of zeal. Lavanya, Aanya and Diti shared their thoughts on the ascendancy of virtue over the vice. Students of the primary section presented a short skit depicting significance of the victory of good over evil. Graceful dance recitals invoking the blessings of Goddess Durga, marked the culmination of the assembly. Principal Ms. Allison Pyster Ma’am applauded the efforts of the students and faculties reiterating the importance of festivals and celebration in our lives.