While superb infrastructure, lush green lawns and well equipped classrooms are synonymous with a good school, the actual heart of any school is its dedicated, committed, sincere and well trained faculty.

Staff who consider teaching to be not just another profession but a vocation. A calling from the Almighty where tender, young, impressionable minds of our learners are encouraged to discover, experiment and forge new pathways in student led Inquiry based learning and able facilitators who belong to P.L.C(professional learning communities).

These communities of teachers, belonging to their respective fields across grades and levels, collaborate together with a shared understanding of pooling resources, sharing best practices and conducting ethical dialogues. All within a safe, comfortable and honest sharing environment.


The PLC meeting is scheduled on every working Saturday (online or F2F) where the teachers across DPSG schools meet, share and collaborate their work with respect to different subjects/ grades. The PLCs play a crucial and highly facilitative role in fueling school improvement, initiating and implementing school reforms and promoting innovations. It is a powerful new way to work together, collaborate and co-create, learning by encouraging the collective knowledge and experiences of the teachers. PLCs are directed to strive for promoting a positive impact on the classroom practices, fostering the culture of inquiry and reflection, co-creating and collaborating to contribute towards construction of knowledge and developing a learning resource centre for different grades/subjects. It also facilitates sharing and disseminating best practices in a discipline and creating a reliable space for the teachers to engage themselves constructively for their professional development.


  • PLC meeting on every Saturday – online or F2F. PLC may meet either as a channel or a class group.
  • Every PLC shall have a coordinator chosen or elected by the teachers from amongst themselves. Every grade & subject sub group to have a moderator also chosen or elected from amongst the teacher group. The responsibilities of Moderator to be suggested and finalized by the group itself. However, a suggested model shall be provided by the society.
  • PLC will have two strata, one for pre-school to class 5 and the other for teachers teaching class 6 onwards.
  • All UOI to be prepared collaboratively by teachers of same grades and subjects and be accepted jointly


DPSG strongly believes in investing in training of the teachers through workshops and seminars to keep them updated and upgraded. Our teachers, during last few months, have attended different programs related to their professional development.

  • 12 days online PLDP (Professional Learning and Development Program) for an extensive understanding and implementation of Inquiry based, student led learning. The program started with a session on developing learner profile that aptly incorporates learning objectives, the role and importance of essential question to trigger inquiry, process and principles of inquiry, selection of appropriate
  • learning materials and resources, integration of assessments in units of inquiry followed by an assessment dialogue, role of reflections and developing a better connection with the students to enhance the quality of learning.
  • 5 days online session on effective utilization of ICT to combat the challenges involved in the online education and keep the faculty upgraded with the latest methods and techniques in the contemporary world of learning.
  • Microsoft Certified Program for all faculty members to effectively use MS Teams for planning and utilizing online classes gainfully for the learners and designing and conducting online assessments through MS Forms.
  • SLCs the conclave of all school leaders across the DPSG society schools held at DPSG Dehradun twice yearly.