The teaching role of faculty members reflects their centrality in addressing the primary educational mission. The basic function of faculty in schools is to promote inquiry and advance the sum of human knowledge, to provide general instruction to the students and to develop experts for various branches or fields.

Our teachers are equipped not just with academic competency but also with the skills that enable them to create learning environments that are inquiry-based, collaborative, technology integrated and goal-driven. Empathy and acceptance are the hallmark of a DPSG faculty.

Every faculty member engages in research and discussions in PLCs- Professional Learning Communities twice a month and are empowered to take initiatives, shoulder additional responsibilities, and develop the leader within. Besides these, they are engaged in intense trainings that are planned, conducted, and attended by them to ensure the relevance of professional development.

Our faculty members embodies 21st century skills and are lifelong learners in the quest of the best educational pedagogies and practices to create student lead classrooms where learning is a two way process and interconnectedness of knowledge is the goal.


All teachers of DPSGS schools across the country are a part of a PLC, which are further divided subject wise. This is a platform for teachers to explore their present understanding, share their thoughts, seek peer advice and work on their personal effectiveness as a facilitator and mentor. The shared knowledge of the group transcends into an enriched personal knowledge.

The members meet twice a month on a digital platform to share their expertise towards creating an enriched curriculum through research on pedagogy and practices. The group works to create shared resource bank and assessments. As teachers, each member is expected to research in a focussed manner on areas that have a bearing on their students and range from positive engagement in classroom to inquiry-based learning to assessments. Each session is carefully designed with pre-shared agenda and recorded minutes that are accessible to all.