Q.  What does DPSGS stands for? 

A.  DPSGS stands for Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society. 

Q.  How is it different from DPS? 

A.   Other DPS are from Delhi society and even running the franchises but DPSG is under Ghaziabad society and start a new branch across India they don’t believe in selling franchises and spoiling the brand.  

Q. What are the admission process and selection criteria? 

A. Admissions, where vacancies exist, are made on the basis of an interaction/examination/interview. The child will be registered first before the examination. After examining the child, the Principal reserves the right to admit the child in to the class deemed suitable for him/her. 

Q. What age criteria school follows? 

A. The student should complete the age indicated below against the class, preferably by the commencement of the academic year. 

Pre - Nursery 2 years to 3 years, Nursery 3 years to 4 Years, K.G/Prep 4 years to 5 years. 

Q. Which board school follows and is the school co-ed? 

A. Yes school is having co-education. We follow CBSE board. 

Q. What is the mode of payment?

A. Payment can be done in different mode:

o For new admission parents has to submit a DD.

o For regular parent online portal is available parent has to pay through that.

Q. What is the student teacher ratio? 

A. The student teacher ratio is 8:1. 

Q. How school takes care for Safety and Security?

A. Whole school is covered under CCTV; all school buses have CCTVs and GPS installed. Sensitive and trained faculty, administrative and support staff helps ensure safety of each child. 

Q. What about if child is unwell, do school have medical facilities?

A. Healthcare facilities are available in the School Medical Room which functions under the guidance of a full-time Medical Nurse. The medical room is fully equipped to give first aid in case of any emergency. The health center of the school organizes regular medical check-ups for staff and students. The school takes note of any specific medical requirement raised by the parents and responds accordingly.