Fee Structure


Fees Structure for the F.Y. 2021-2022

Fee Components  Net Amount Payable 
 Admission Form                                  500
 Processing & Registration                               1,500
 Admission Fee                               15,000
 Caution Money                               15,000
 Composite Annual Tuition Fees*   
  Pre-Nursery to Class KG                              78,000
 Class I & Class II                              86,000
 Class III to Class V                              96,000
 Class VI to Class VIII                            106,000
 Class IX to Class XII                            119,000
 Science Lab Fees**                               2,400
 Annual Lab Fees ***                               2,400
 Career Counselling Fee****                               1,500


* The Composite Annual tuition fees is net of the waivers granted by the School Management. These waivers are at the sole discretion of the School Management and are reviewed and subject to change every year.

** Science Lab Fees applicable for classes IX & Class X.

*** Annual Lab Fees applicable for each lab, for opted students of Class XI & Class XII

**** Career Counselling Fee applicable for Classes IX to Class XII

Please contact school for details & clarification