The school provides a student friendly, safe and hygienic infrastructure to accommodate all scholastic and foundational domains needs. State of Art infrastructure with all modern facilities. Fully air-conditioned school which provides ambient atmosphere for overall development of a child.
While a school’s physical infrastructure holds an all-important role in providing a conducive environment in a student’s academic journey, another key facet is Digital Infrastructure. In the last few years, across India, digital classrooms have gained prominence. These technology-enabled classrooms foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities are said to have met great success. And the trend is poised to gain further strength in the times to come

1. 3-D LABORATORY-  The highlight of DPSG Faridabad is our 3D Lab which maps the curriculum of Mathematics and Science from Kindergarten to Class 12. This technology makes learning   
         immersive, exciting and fascinating while taking students into a life like virtual world where abstract ideas come to life. It is a truly unique 21st Century learning enabler.

2. Dance and Music Studio- to practice their skills and all components are in sync with the curriculum to ensure seamless integration.

3. Art Room- a well-lit spacious studio for students to practice their art skills and where students explore the diversity of culture and history through various art forms.

4. Library- a well-stocked library with both physical and digital resources to encourage our students to read, research and enquire about things that fascinate and assist students on their learning            journey.

5. Amazon  and Kudos- A space where students present role plays, watch movies, present their work through PPT, organize end of UOI displays and socialize to enliven the space with their                  sharing, discussions and laughter.

6. Basketball Court- State of the art basketball court to encourage young students to improve their strength, stamina and skills.

7. Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton.
8. Computer Lab- used as an area to facilitate research and inquiry, integrated with the UOIs.

9. Science Labs- fully equipped to meet all curricular expectations and provide hands on and experiential opportunities to students.

10. Theatre Studio- Students practice theatre and performances in this area under the guidance of their Theatre teacher.

11. CCTV coverage that is monitored 24x7.         


School reception areas are the heart of a school. it's the first place that visitors see on entering the premises, and presents an opportunity to provide students, and parents with a feel for the learning environment as a whole.
DPSG Faridabad school has a beautifully decorated and huge reception area which is used to greet all visitors and to provide a waiting area for them until they are met by the person that they came to the school to meet with.


The safety of our children is of prime importance for the school. The entry and exit has a controlled access and only authorized persons can gain entry for any specific purposes. The security personnel are deployed day and night and the complete area of the school is looked after. Besides this to augment our security systems, all critical areas are covered by the CCTVs which are monitored regularly thereby ensuring that the security of children and infrastructure is covered round the clock. The CCTVs can be monitored on cloud from any location, thus taking care that the campus is constantly under supervision.