Being a leader means being dynamic and responsive to the situations being handled. At DPSG Faridabad, we believe that it is the responsibility of an individual to bring about the change that he wishes to see and to do so he needs to be an efficient and adept leader. Therefore, students with such potential are selected as candidates for the student council and these students gather for a Leadership Camp. The camp includes training and development via various activities that help students learn how to build a positive school climate. They discover and grow together, sharing best practices learned from their own experiences. At the same time the facilitators at the camp observe the children and their various qualities such as communication, decision making, assertiveness, creativity, team work and leadership.

Such leadership camps improve not only the manners and behavior of the participants but their personal morale, appearance, and confidence which makes these camps a great way to gain skills necessary for dealing with real-life situations. There will be situations during the camps that challenge the young participants mentally, physically and emotionally, so that they become capable of coping with situations that may seem hard in the future. For all those who attend a leadership camp, there is always a good experience as the takeaway and the campers will have acquired time management, life skills, teamwork and collaboration, in addition to leadership.

This leadership camp, therefore, provides an opportunity to the prospective leaders to exhibit their abilities leading to the formation of a highly competent student council.