The DPSG infirmary has a well-appointed, airy, and well-lit infirmary to tend to students when they are a little under the weather during the school hours. Skilled professionals are in attendance to ensure all emergencies as attended to in the right manner to ensure that the student or staff member is provided medical assistance immediately.

In addition to a full-time nurse who is our permanent staff member, the visiting doctors monitor and record the general physical development of our children and provide regular health check-ups besides offering immediate first-aid treatment whenever needed. Regular check-up of children for height, weight, vision is done, and record is maintained.

Self-care and care for others is an important life skill, especially in case of medical emergencies. Our students are taught about the different aspects of Health education , immediate medical assistance and caring for others. Some of the activities undertaken by school are 

Blood donation camp for the community.

Lifestyle and diet management workshops by doctors and dieticians are imparted to promote good health.

Stress management aided with yoga and meditation imparted by our yoga faculty

Immunization Awareness Drive in neighbouring village 

Mental and Emotional well-being workshops by our school counsellors

First-aid training for all students across school

Disaster Management medical aid