A school is a place where parents send their children with the hope that they would receive quality education in a safe environment. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that such an environment is provided for the child. We at DPSG, Faridabad have a well-equipped medical room along with a full-time doctor and trained nurse that may provide aid to the students in the time of emergency. Schools put 100% effort in taking care of children and staff. The school ensures that first-aid items/medicines are regularly updated. Apart from this, the school also provides a regular check-up facility for the students just to keep them safe in all senses. Emergency first-aid is provided in case of any accident and the child is rushed to a hospital if the situation so worsens. We not only take care of the student's health but also advise them on hygiene and preventive care that may be needed during the years of rapid physical growth. In case the child is not feeling well, the teacher or the house parent takes them to the doctor. Health care is an ever-changing field and our clinic staff undergo continuing professional training to sharpen their skills, update their knowledge base and remain at the forefront of efficient heath care delivery.