Music is about communication, creativity and cooperation. By studying music in school, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives and experience the world from a new perspective.

So, why do we need music in school? Well, because music is everything.

Music is science. It is exact and demands acoustics. Music is math. It is based on the rhythmic subdivisions of time, done in a split second. Music is history. The music you hear or play is usually an indication of the time and environment in which it was created. Music is physical education. It requires an immense amount of coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lips, cheeks and facial muscles. Music is a foreign language. Its terms are usually in Italian and the music is not in any language known to man. It is its own language and uses symbols to represent ideas.Music is the universal language that everyone understands and can relate to. Music is what brings everything together. It is something that everyone knows. Most of all, music is art. It is the greatest form of art that allows a human to take boring notes on a page, and transform them into an emotion and feeling you cannot measure. Music actually improves communication between the right and left sides of the brain, allowing you to gain better comprehension and memorization skills.

Students in DPSG FARIDABAD start their morning with beautiful morning prayers to connect with the Almighty. Every festival in our school is celebrated with great enthusiasm through music and dance.

To bring out the talent among students various vocal & Instrumental competitions based on different themes are held regularly in school.

a) Classical 

Students in our school are taught Classical music by introducing basics of Indian Raga music.

Musical instruments such as harmonium, guitar, sitar, dholak, octapad are taught by our experienced teachers. Our school culture encourages the child to take up music as their vocational career choice.

b) Western

They are taught how to perform in different types of music ensemble. These include orchestra, choir, school band, marching band and concert band.


Dancing is a mix of art and exercise which connects the mind and body, and makes one sharper and stronger. Dance is a holistic activity for the mind, body and the soul. It aligns all these, and the participants are then more aware of their strength and weaknesses giving them an opportunity to identify them and work on them. Dance helps improve overall fitness, endurance, muscle toning and strengthening. It involves cardiovascular/ aerobic fitness, core and strength training and stretches for flexibility. Students work together in a group and this sense of team spirit encourages them.

Our school has a well ventilated Dance room with a sprung floor, Quality music systems, mirrors so that students can get visual feedbacks of themselves.

a) Classical

Our team of trained teachers teach the students the basics of Kathak and various folk dances.

b) Western

Students are trained in various popular dance forms such as Hip hop, Jazz, Salsa.


Theatre encourages students to develop enquiry skills. It questions what influences are around them, which in turn impacts on behaviours and attitude as well as inspires them to make informed, healthy life choices. In our school , a theatre club has been formed to make the students learn and develop skills and techniques such as body language, gestures, expressions, coordination and movements.