Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

It is with great joy and happiness that I offer my thirty plus years of educational service, leadership skills, motivational abilities and dedication to DPSG.

With zeal and passion of personal commitment I strive to lead our wonderful school to greater horizons in the coming years ahead. My vision is to lead DPSG a premier educational institution of excellence not only in the CBSE Board, but when the time is right to also sail into the IGCSE, CIE Cambridge boards of learning which would add another feather in our schools ever expanding repertoire.

With all that I have to offer and with the committed leadership of the DPSG Board of Directors, and our capable pedagogical staff, working as a single team with a single vision, I, as your leader, mentor, guide and anchor, is confident that we will soon see this school under the spotlight of demand. And not forgetting our parents, well-wishers and community at large who join us in raising the anthem of excellence, demanding the attention of our proud city in our ever-excelling country.

We are in the line of  “touching hearts and changing lives” and this attitude will have an impact on the Alumni of DPSG upon their exit from our wonderful school.

To form a perfect triangle, we need three points of contact, inter-connecting one another. These three points of contact are inseparable – the Principal along with the DPSG Board YOU, the DPSG Family which includes teachers, students & support staff and of course our stake holders: our parents, our community. Thus only when all three points line up and slide into place will we achieve perfect harmony in all that we do.

Together we can and we will achieve our goals.

God bless us all!

Warm Regards,

Ms. Ritu Kohli