DPSGS is containing two scholarship categories Definition:-


Full Scholarship: It refers to 100% scholarship

Half Scholarship: It refers to 50% scholarship

  1. Students need to submit a letter of Request of Scholarship.
  2. Student to meet the marks eligibility criteria.
  3. Previous 2 years report card to be taken on record.
  4. An interview and a review by a selection will be done of eligible candidates who qualify for the scholarship in the entrance/school exam.


The scholarship in this category can be granted to students participating in Cricket, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Athletics or any other sports.

The scholarship can be triggered from class VI onwards.

  1. Level of winning – Gold, Silver and Bronze in a government recognised tournament and aggregate %age in all five subjects in previous exams.
  2. Trail report by the sports teacher for verifying competency level