Sport has a much greater role in the development of students in terms of character-building properties and personality building traits necessary in all citizens of the future. We firmly believe that a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. Continuing to persevere with this belief - Sport is given utmost importance at DPSG FARIDABAD. With a strong team of sport focused leaders, the school aims to provide a structured and thorough curriculum of sport throughout student life to keep students engaged while being able to identify and nurture talent across multiple sports.

The school spreads across a lush green 6 acres campus and with its sprawling fields and paved courts, quality equipment and experienced coaches, the school is able to provide training to students who are willing to exploit their abilities as a sportsperson.

The school offers a variety of sports and games catering to all students. Several courts are provided for basketball, badminton, grounds for football, cricket, volleyball, a skating rink and open grounds for Martial Arts.

The school has skillfully blended the daily routine of the students with the core essence of spots ethics, be it yoga or routine exercises to bring in an active beginning of the day. The school has sports activities every morning for about 50 minutes. Students can opt to be trained in basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, football, taekwondo, throw ball, lawn tennis, chess or athletics during the morning activities. We have professional and experienced coaches to train the students.


Cricket is not just an outdoor sport but is an organized way of teaching discipline, the importance of hierarchy, skills, codes of honour and leadership qualities. Our cricket program focuses on specialized coaching for batting, bowling, and wicket-keeping. We have practice pitches with a proper net for a practice session. We provide proper kits and give them fielding sessions including catch practice and batting session. We organize various fitness drills to make students agile. We have a balanced School Cricket Team to participate in inter-school and state level competitions. The amount of training is assigned as per the skills and fitness level of the student, and adequate measures are taken care of to ensure the sport is fun for the beginners.


Football is a sport of stamina and perseverance. The School has a green, smooth, soft and beautiful field; perfect for a seven-side game. Football is a game of power, stamina, and skills, with a lot of coordination and teamwork. Initial training of students begins with ball control, then improving their passing skills. Since the game requires good stamina, we focus a lot on their strength, for which they undergo a lot of training sessions based on speed, agility, and flexibility. We have a strong team to play against different schools and participate in various competitions taking place at different levels.


DPSG FBD provides training to students who play Lawn Tennis, and encourages them to participate in various competitions. The constant help and support from PE teachers have helped each team member to go the extra mile. We start to train the children with the basic coordination drill, like ball sense, bounce sense, air sense, roll sense and speed sense and gradually move on to racket holding, swings and follow through, then comes rally, after which they are ready to play matches.


Practicing in the morning sun’s blazing heat, our basketball team work hard towards victory and glory. The team regularly participates in various Inter-School as well as other tournaments. The School has a proper basketball court. We train our children with basic coordination drills to improve their hands, eyes and leg coordination. Basketball is a game of agility so we especially focus on their fitness by making them do several exercises. We have a separate team for boys and girls to participate in various competitions.


The school team has made DPSG FBD beam with pride as their unvarying determination and hard work has been paying off. The teams routinely practice in the early mornings, by incorporating both work and fun, and showing will power to work.


Table Tennis, usually a casual game played between either two or four players, has now been taken to a competitive level. The team practice a lot to enhance and improve their techniques, to become better players with the help of their coaches. We have four professional tables to play table tennis. As we know that the ball is too small to play, so a bit more focus is required to become a quality player. We work on improving the focus of students by making them do various co-ordination drills indoors. Later we train them to perform at competition level.


We have chess as a sport in our indoor games list along with carom, and soccer table. Chess is a game of complete focus and for that, we need a calm and peaceful environment. Our Indoor Games Arena is just a perfect example for that. Children enjoy this mind game with complete concentration. We have some really good chess players who keep bringing laurels to our School.

The Annual Sports Meet is a grand inter house event which provides an opportunity to the all students to showcase their talent, sporting abilities physical fitness while emphasizing the mantras of team spirit, communication, discipline and leadership; all.

Every child is an ambassador of the true spirit of DPSG FBD- on and off the field. Pursuing an activity with enthusiasm offers great satisfaction in itself, but our students push themselves on the field to win laurels and hone skills that translate readily to other aspects of life. After all, while learning to beat the opposition with skill is the goal, the real reward is learning good sportsmanship.